Wooden Box hosts James Bond themed event

Wooden Box Theater will present its latest production, "The Living Daylights: James Bond Nite," at 6 p.m. July 26 at the Ellwood House Visitor Center in DeKalb. The event will showcase theatrical performers, fashion models, local vendors and live music and act as a season finale to the group's 2014 series of events at the center.

The event will be hosted by headlining vocalist Christina Antonio and Wooden Box Theater model Hannah Harland. Both have been heavily involved in the direction and writing of the event. Antonio and R&B vocalist David Rae will co-headline the musical portion of the show.

"The Living Daylights" will, like the group's previous events, showcase an array of local fashion models in themed walks displaying outfits that were organized and arranged by each model in the event. This format that has become a tradition with each Wooden Box modeling event since its debut venture into modeling in 2008 at the House Cafe. The fashion walks will be set to the music of Daerielle Amber, the group's treasurer and longtime collaborator.

The music lineup for the event displays many styles ranging from hip hop, R&B, acoustic and melodic rock. Performances include Mikie Lozano, Apex (Brian Mikula, Derek Baylog and Schuyler Gomer), Mia Lynell, Mitch Munns with Rachael Cozzola, Stoom: The music of Greg Locasio, and Miles Curtis.

The evening also will feature several themed belly dance performances and a display of handmade gifts by Rebecca Valentine of the Prairie Smoke Belly Dance Team. Poet Amber Nichole Reedus will take the stage with the team for the first time in more than a year, both modeling and reading her own written poetry.

The James Bond themed night also will showcase original artwork by Georgia Alderson, otherwise known as 'Geo.' She recently reunited with the group for her first new show with Wooden Box Theater since 2008.

Throughout the night, special guests will take the stage with themed outfits and speeches including Tina Felicia, Jade Cook, Drake Kangas, Gladys Sanchez, Brianna Stiles, Krystal Dyson, Miranda Stenson and Kassandra Kirk, who all have helped write and produce the event with lead writer and director Dan Sherrill.

Oscar Murphy and Nick Weber will display sale items relating to their energy drink, Vemma. They will have samples and information at their vending table.

The Ellwood House Visitor Center is located at 509 N. First St. in DeKalb. Admission is $5 at the door. The dress code is semi-formal.

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