Voter registration can be completed online

A voter may apply to register online at www.elections.il.gov by clicking "Online Voter Registration" in the Spotlight area of the page, or by accessing https://ova.elections.il.gov directly.

The system is offered in four languages – English, Spanish, Chinese and Hindi. In order to register online, the applicant must have an Illinois driver’s license or state identification card issued by the secretary of state. Required registration information includes the complete driver’s license number or state identification number, the issue date of the driver’s license or ID card, birth date, and the last four digits of the voter's Social Security number.

The applicant must also certify they are the person completing the application, the information is correct, and must authorize the secretary of state to transmit the applicant’s signature to the state board of elections. If a valid email address is provided by the applicant, an email will be sent confirming receipt of the application.

Within 48 hours of receiving an application, the online voter registration system will send an email notice informing the applicant whether the information submitted matches the secretary of state’s database. If no email address is provided, the applicant may click on "Check Your Online Application Status" in the Spotlight area of www.elections.il.gov. If there is a match in all four fields, the signature on file in the secretary of state’s database becomes the signature on the applicant’s online voter registration application.

The online voter registration system will then forward the application to the appropriate county clerk or board of election commissioners for processing. The election authority will determine if the applicant is already registered, or if the name and address shall be entered on the list of registered voters in the jurisdiction. In either event, the election authority shall send a disposition notice to the applicant within five business days of receipt of the application.

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