Looking Back

Looking Back: July 23, 2014


July 24, 1889

Burglars entered the residence of Judge Lowell on Monday and decamped with Mr. George Dunton’s pantaloons and vest which contained a gold watch and about $30 in cash.

Jacob Haish, the barb wire manufacturer of DeKalb, has donated half the gross receipts from the sale of wire in Nebraska til $50,000 has been raised to found a manual training school for the Nebraska Wesleyan University.

There was a disgraceful fight in Court House Park Sunday night between some thumpers who had indulged freely.

Sycamore is not only a beautiful town, but a most healthful one. There has not been a death in this immediate vicinity for five weeks.

Chris Gerandt has left for parts unknown. No one regrets his leaving, had he only paid his honest debts first.

The day was a lovely one Monday afternoon when the Masons and Odd Fellows of Sycamore formed in procession to lay the corner stones of their new building, the Alida Young Temple, on State Street.

When the last census was taken, the United States had over a million children under 15 years of age earning their bread. ...Massachusetts, the best of our states in the matter of care for the children of the working class, had 10,000 children under 16 in her textile mills alone.

It is now against the law to sell to minors papers known as “flashy,” such as the Police Gazette or the Illustrated New York News. The penalty is a fine of not more than $500 or imprisonment of not more than one year.


July 22, 1914

Mrs. Mabel Beebe told her husband eight days ago she was only going to stay in Chicago one day longer, as she saw him and her children off on a train to their home in Sycamore. Her husband says his wife has not visited her mother nor a friend as she said she would.

The auditorium of the Congregational church was so crowded Friday it was necessary to open the parlors adjoining, and they too were filled by people who gathered to hear the organ recital and rejoice with the church over the fine new organ.

The water tank which supplies Sublette with water collapsed Friday morning. The city was just about to issue bonds for the erection of a new tank as the old one was in a state of decay.

The International Harvester Company has recently had men here working on taking photographs for moving pictures which will be used in their promotion department to show the development of grain harvesting machinery.

A Chicago boy who found a pearl while clamming in the Kishwaukee on the John MacQueen farm in Kirkland last week is about as happy a kid as there is, as his father disposed of the pearl in Chicago for $300. Now watch the rest of that bunch tear up the river bed.


July 26, 1939

The Illinois Emergency Relief Commission has ordered every recipient of direct relief in Illinois be removed from the rolls and compelled to reapply. Recent sample tests in a number of townships resulted in lopping off about 40 percent of the reliefers in those townships.

Ked’s Mouse Circus is now performing in the east window of M.W. Bennett’s shoe store. The animals have two wire wheels, a ladder and a bar on which to perform. The circus is owned and operated by the Goodyear Rubber Co.

The state highway division announced that a survey conducted by its engineers showed that only one out of every three Illinois motorists habitually comes to a complete pause when confronted by a stop sign.

The world passed a notable anniversary on July 28, but there were no celebrations. July 28 25 years ago is the date on which Austria declared war on Serbia and set in motion brute forces that could not be controlled until after all the great nations of the world resorted to arms.


July 22, 1964

The chairman of the Illinois Teachers College Board has proposed tuition be raised in three of the state’s universities: NIU, Eastern Illinois U and Western Illinois U. He suggested tuition be raised from the present $120 a year to $150.

Four accidents Saturday and Sunday damaged cars, gave birth to one traffic arrest and slightly injured one person.

Because it is estimated that there are, at this moment, approximately 2,500 prospective students who hope to attend NIU in the fall and have not yet located rooms in DeKalb, Sycamore is about to accept the jolt of the overflow. The manager of the Sycamore Chamber of Commerce announced the chamber would assist students in finding rooms.

A spectacular freight train wreck scattered 14 cars over the right of way of the Illinois Central RR at Genoa Sunday afternoon.

First general and official sign that fall is not far away came today when the Sycamore Chamber of Commerce announced that Friday and Saturday this week would be Bargain Days in Sycamore, because merchants must clear all summer stock away.

– Sycamore True Republican


July 26, 1989

It’s out of mothballs and onto the drafting table for a project that DeKalb County officials have considered since the early 1970s – an exposition and civic center.

For the second consecutive year, the DeKalb School District will reduce its deficit by more than $1 million.

– The MidWeek

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