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Looking Back: July 2, 2014

Last names only are listed for the women pictured in this undated photo. In the back row, from left, are Ms. Holcomb, Carlson, Fulton and Dutton. Front row, from left, Ms. Crumb, Whittemore, Gates, Townsend and Simpson. Thanks to the Sycamore History Museum for the photo.
Last names only are listed for the women pictured in this undated photo. In the back row, from left, are Ms. Holcomb, Carlson, Fulton and Dutton. Front row, from left, Ms. Crumb, Whittemore, Gates, Townsend and Simpson. Thanks to the Sycamore History Museum for the photo.


July 3, 1889

By a new law, a person who cannot read and write the English language is not eligible for the office of school director. This is a sensible law.

At the special election held in Chicago and its suburbs on Saturday last, annexation was carried by a large majority, and Hyde Park, Lake, Jefferson, Lake view and a part of Cicero were joined to Chicago. ...While this will be a big, cumbersome district to care for under one government, the addition of the suburban towns and their prosperous and cultivated inhabitants will improve the average morality of the city.

A lesson which should be taught to every child is, “Mind your own business.” Don’t talk so much about what you don’t understand of the private doings of your neighbors.

Rev. P.S. Twitty is organizing an anti-kissing society.

Congress will be petitioned next winter to enact laws for the coinage of a half-cent piece.

“Mothers’ Friend” by Bradfield Regulator Co., sold by all drugstores, makes childbirth easy, shortens labor, lessens pain, and diminishes danger to life of mother and child.


July 1, 1914

A notable increase in the spirit of harmony, interest, and desire to get into the harness and work for Republican principles was manifest in the meeting of the Republican County Central Committee Saturday.

As people are fast learning to conserve our soils and our forests, too many valuable food products are left to rot upon the ground in tragic wastefulness. A new educational movement will hold canning schools to teach home canning of surplus fruits from the orchard and unused vegetables from the home garden.

Mary Kenefick, the pretty, gypsy-like girl with a passion for roaming who escaped seven times in 10 months from the state home for girls at Geneva, has escaped from the state insane hospital at Elgin.

From the Hinckley Review: We’re getting ready to spend a million or more dollars in this county on the monied fellows with automobiles and Fords and limousines. ...But if we had that amount of money in an electric railroad from Sandwich through Hinckley and Waterman to the county seat, the common people would have a chance to reap some of the benefits.


July 5, 1939

Ray Yocum of DeKalb buried $2,300 in 23 fruit jars in his yard last winter, and is now making an intensive search for it. He is digging trenches in his yard in his quest for the treasure trove. So far, he’s had no luck.

Farmers are making a strenuous kick because they claim checks given to them by Barney Dunkle, who is leasing the Poplar Grove Milk Company, failed to stay put – like rubber, they bounced back.

A penny bank thief is operating in and near Waterman and Hinckley. A thief got a penny bank at a Waterman house Sunday, the bank containing about $8. The same day, someone stole two penny banks containing approximately $12 from a home in Hinckley.

Efforts of the fire department, the city police and the sheriff’s office this Fourth of July are aimed at prevention rather than mopping up after the damage is done.

Automobilists probably will be able to drive over blacktop from Sycamore as far as Hinckley by the end of this week.

DeKalb County’s jail, completed in 1911, may serve as the model for a similar institution to be erected in Ohio.


July 1, 1964

Over half of the Sycamore High School graduates of the Class of 1964 plan to seek more education.

When the state highway department gets around to the long-awaited improvement project for Route 23 between Sycamore and Genoa, several changes in right-of-way may be in the making.

C.W. Bradt of DeKalb and realtor and former mayor of DeKalb Hugo Hakala petitioned DeKalb County recently to rezone an area along First Street just north of DeKalb’s city limits. ...When the board gave them the green light by a unanimous vote, it opened to road of what appears to be a million-dollar luxury apartment complex designed around a nine-hole golf course. It will be the first instance in county history of a golf course being part of a real estate complex.

Is riding in autos, streamline trains and planes becoming too routine for you? The new idea just getting nosed around in this area is to ride a train pulled by an old-time steam-power locomotive.

Mrs. Ralph London reported to the sheriff’s department Wednesday she had found an uninvited guest in the family garage on Dresser Road –a pig. She added she had no idea how it got there and would be pleased if the owner would find it soon.

– Sycamore True Republican


July 5, 1989

The neighbors of the DeKalb/Pond/Fisk area are confident they can shape the future of their neighborhood and maybe save their homes. ...A proposal drafted for the city council calls for the city to acquire and demolish all the buildings bounded by DeKalb Avenue, Pond Street and Fisk Avenue, then offer the land to developers for the construction of 100 to 150 apartments in complexes or townhouses.

Although the 13-year-old mystery of Jane Doe has been solved, the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department will not close the case, hoping for information that will directly link the prime suspect to the crime. The suspect, identified during the early years of the case, died last June from an apparent cocaine overdose. ...The victim was identified last week as Elizabeth Sue Grabow of Aurora.

Although park district officials didn’t count on a return of the banner summer of last year, pool pass sales are 15 to 20 percent lower than expected.

– The MidWeek

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