Master Naturalist training begins in August

University of Illinois Extension invites adults to join the fall 2014 Illinois Master Naturalist program. The classes will be held in DeKalb County on Monday evenings from 5 to 9 p.m., starting Aug. 11 and ending Nov. 3. The training features instructors from local natural resource agencies and organizations as well as state Extension experts.

Master Naturalists learn about ecosystems and interrelationships of plants and animals that make up the natural world. They also learn how to help with land management and to share knowledge with others in your community. The goal is to encourage participants to seek out lifelong learning opportunities to further their development as a naturalist. 

Master Naturalist participants agree to serve 60 hours of volunteer service within the first two years of their initial classroom experience. Volunteers can then continue their certification with 30 volunteer hours annually. Volunteer opportunities are extremely flexible and tailored to fit personal interests, abilities, and time constraints.

For more information and apply to become a certified Illinois Master Naturalist, visit http://web.extension.illinois.edu/bdo or call the DeKalb County Extension office at 815-758-8194.

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