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Looking Back: June 11, 2014

Bert M. Allen drives a wagon for B.M. Allen Furniture & Piano Moving on Lincoln Highway in DeKalb, just east of Fourth Street. The photo is courtesy of Allen's granddaughter, Eloise Overton, who believes it was taken about 1910. Thanks to Overton for the photo.
Bert M. Allen drives a wagon for B.M. Allen Furniture & Piano Moving on Lincoln Highway in DeKalb, just east of Fourth Street. The photo is courtesy of Allen's granddaughter, Eloise Overton, who believes it was taken about 1910. Thanks to Overton for the photo.


June 12, 1889

There was a children’s concert at the Congregational church in Sycamore on Sunday night. The auditorium was so filled with spectators that some who desired admittance were turned away.

Deeds of noble heroism are reported from the valley of the Conemaugh. One man, a second Paul Revere, rode the length of the valley shouting, “Flee for your lives,” and then perished in the great flood at Johnstown.

Smiley Kirkpatrick and his sons, Mervin and Frank, attended the lecture at Shabbona Thursday night.

The excursion from DeKalb to Madison, Wis., on June 25 will be an enjoyable trip, as Madison is a beautiful city, with its two large lakes, its State House, State University, and Insane Asylum.

A man is traveling about soliciting orders for cleaning up grave stones that have become discolored with dirt or mildew. He does the work easily with dilute acid, but the polished surface of the marble headstones is ruined by the acid.

The subject of poisonous wallpaper hangings has been discussed by the Boston Society for Medical Improvements. Some papers still contain arsenic in quite dangerous amounts.

Grinnell, Iowa, is unfortunate. A few years ago, Grinnell was visited by a terrible cyclone that destroyed a large amount of property. Now, over 40 business houses have been destroyed by fire.

A gentleman was in Sycamore this week who wants to open a cigar manufactory, but there is not a single business place or store building vacant or for rent in the city.


June 10, 1914

The portion of the Woodstock-Sycamore line which crosses North Main Street in Sycamore has long been in bad condition, and as the company has not complied with the orders of the city council to put it in proper condition, the city will remove the tracks.

The weather was threatening, and the speaker who had been announced sent word days before that he would not be present, so the attendance at the farmers’ picnic at Kingston was not as large as usual. It is estimated about 25 percent of those present were candidates for office or politicians.

John Kelley and bride were given a very pleasant and agreeable wheelbarrow ride by a large bunch of their friends Monday night. The wheelbarrow was accompanied by a bass drum, numerous bells, etc., just to give the procession a little life.

Grandma Gillis and her sister, Mrs. Mary Becker, were given a party on Saturday afternoon for Mrs. Gillis’ 83rd birthday.

The need of a sanitarium for tuberculosis patients was urged at a meeting of the Kane County supervisors at Geneva on Monday. There are 200 victims of this disease in that county.


June 14, 1939

First steps in the installation of a complete air-conditioning and heating system has been started at the Fargo Theater.

A man passing through Sycamore saw bees swarming in the heart of the business district as he ate at Hickey’s restaurant. He said it would be too bad for any driver whose auto they chose as a home. A few minutes later, he saw the bees alight in a cluster on his own car. ...They were corraled by William Kozicki, who has six swarms of his own.

Handicapped by the lack of a drill floor this past winter and spring, the Sycamore Junior Drum and Bugle Corps opens its summer campaign to defend its state title Saturday afternoon.

Addition of a legislative committee to the 16 committees now operating on the board of supervisors was made in the final session of a three-day meeting this week. Need of such a committee has been felt for some time, inasmuch as considerable legislation believed to be adverse to county boards is being sought in the legislature.

Clearing day was held at the county jail Wednesday, when three prisoners were taken to Joliet, three to Vandalia, and one was released. Another was taken to Vandalia Friday. There will be 16 prisoners left in the jail after the clearing process is completed.


June 10, 1964

The Sycamore Elks lodge hopes to dedicate a new flag pole and flag next Sunday. Thus, the lodge will be honoring Flag Day, June 14.

Vandals on May Street and peepers on South Cross Street in Sycamore were nabbed by Sycamore police Monday. In both instances, the spalpeens were youngsters just out of school and feeling the spirit of adventure.

A motorist escaped injury, but his car was damaged and a heifer was killed in an accident about 11:30 p.m. Saturday south of Route 30 on Somonauk Road.

Suddenly now the 163 graduates of Sycamore High School’s 1964 senior class discover that an era has ended, and their four years of high school fun and study are only a memory that can never be lived over.

– Sycamore True Republican


June 14, 1989

Voters will be asked on the Nov. 7 ballot to approve a separate tax rate for the DeKalb County Nursing Home to prevent a spiraling deficit that ultimately could force the home to close its doors.

Genoa Recycling Committee will hold a public recycling program for the citizens of Genoa, Kingston, and Kirkland at Genoa City Hall. The program will be about starting a curbside recycling pickup program and a recycling dropoff center for the communities.

Eric Anson of Sycamore, with the help of his fellow Boy Scouts from Troop 40, has just finished developing a new trail at Russell Forest Preserve in Genoa. Wooden blue squares mark the way along the 1,200-yard loop. At three convenient locations, Anson has installed benches for those who would like to sit and gaze at the splendor of the woodland scene.

– The MidWeek

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