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Looking Back: June 4, 2014

A worker stacks bags of seed at the DeKalb Agricultural Association warehouse in Waterman in 1954. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.
A worker stacks bags of seed at the DeKalb Agricultural Association warehouse in Waterman in 1954. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.


June 5, 1889

In the probate court last Monday, Mrs. Peter Corson was adjudged to be a distracted person for whom a conservator should be appointed.

Mr. Allen says the continued cold, wet weather is proving fatal to hundreds of barn swallows on his premises.

F. Green Garfield has filed a bill of complaint that Archie Moody, Charles F. Sharp and John Worth, highway commissioners, have violated the law by purchasing material for the county from themselves. Archie Moody is charged with having drawn orders upon himself as treasurer, payable to himself.

No man living will ever be able to date his letters without using the figure 9. It will have to be used for 110 years.

At the county clerk’s office they have a little game that beats the “pigs in the clover” trick all hollow. They will take pleasure in showing you how it works.

A bill to prohibit the killing of pigeons at shooting matches failed to pass the Illinois Senate.

The youngest couple ever married in this state were made husband and wife on April 5 in Menard County. Their names are Chloe Roland, aged 13, and Joe Snow, aged 14. They have been sweethearts for four years and after frequent entreaties received parental consent to  marry. The bride was attired in a short dress.


June 3, 1914

It was naturalization day in court, and 15 applications for citizenship were granted. They indicate the kind of men who are becoming, in the last few years, citizens of DeKalb County: one from Norway, four from Sweden, nine from Russia, and one from Germany.

Work was begun last week on excavating for the foundation of the new Sycamore post office.

On Tuesday, for the first time in the history of DeKalb County, a suit was to be tried before a jury of six good women and true. ...The complainant insisted on a jury of women. Some of those of the gentler sex who had long been the most emphatic and energetic in their advocacy of women’s suffrage were found to be quite coy and diffident in assuming the obligation resulting from their advocacy, but others were equal to the exigencies. ...While the jury was out one of the officers of the court remarked he had never known six women to agree. This is said to be the first civil case tried in Illinois before a jury composed of women.

A carload of pianos was wrecked and the St. Paul railroad blocked for six hours Sunday morning, the result of a freight train wrecked half a mile west of Kingston.

While two detectives from the state fire marshal’s office at Springfield were in Hinckley investigating a mysterious fire in the A.J. Plapp implement warehouse, a second fire broke out in the same building Wednesday, burning it to the ground. It was the seventh unexplained fire in a building occupied by Plapp.

The first automobile owned in Sycamore was 12 years ago this week. ...Many of our wiseacres affirmed automobiles would not amount to anything and were a fad that would soon pass away.


June 3, 1939

Approximately $4,000 will be voted in contracts for chairs, lockers and stage equipment for the new Sycamore High School annex Friday. Bids for these three items were opened by the board some time ago, but owing to the fact that the board had no funds available with which to purchase them, the matter was deferred.

Seventy-eight Sycamore High School seniors will graduate in the Community Center auditorium Thursday evening. These will be the last high school commencement exercises held at the Center, the high school annex being supplied with a gymnasium/auditorium.

A  Norwegian woman has come to the U.S. to study fashion so she can take the styles back to her native land. What a terrific shock Norway is in for!

Old age assistance recipients are slowly decreasing in DeKalb County, but the average monthly check is on the upgrade, according to June statistics in the office of the superintendent of county welfare.

A bill by DeKalb Republican Dennis J. Collins to create a committee to investigate un-American activities within the state was passed by the lower house of the Illinois general assembly Thursday.

An ordinance adopted by the city council of Kirkland reads: “It is hereby declared to be a nuisance for any person to permit any bees owned by him or in his custody to fly at large throughout or over the village or through or over any street, alley, or public place in the village.”

The Sycamore Preserve Works has filed a petition of bankruptcy. The loss of the Preserve Works deprives many a chance to work this summer, and means losses to farmers formerly contracted to raise produce.


June 3, 1964

After the national decision, wherever there are air raid warning sirens available, the law permits a practice sounding on Tuesdays at 10 a.m. None will sound in Sycamore as the community has no such warning apparatus.

The many interested friends of Francis Welch will be pleased to learn that his condition has shown an improvement.

Free vacation first aid protection: Buy a Johnson & Johnson First Aid Kit from Lenz Pharmacy, and if returned unused at the end of your vacation, they will refund the full purchase price.

– Sycamore True Republican


June 7, 1989

The Illinois Department of Corrections has looked at a site on Gurler Road in DeKalb for a minimum security women’s prison, but it is not “all that serious,” a spokesman for the state said last week.

The request for expansion of the DeKalb County Landfill should be on its way to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and the Pollution Control Board this week.

– The MidWeek

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