Friend of the Child a champion for children

Amy Adams is the 2014 recipient of the 4C Friend of the Child Award.
Amy Adams is the 2014 recipient of the 4C Friend of the Child Award.

The 2014 recipient of 4C: Community Coordinated Child Care's Friend of the Child Award is Amy Adams of Sterling.In 1989, 4-C established the Friend of the Child Award to recognize the outstanding efforts of people and organizations that have truly made a difference in the lives of young children.

Adams has contributed to the early childhood community by enhancing the lives of countless children. Described by her nominator as spending her career working as a champion for children, Adams began her professional career working with adolescent girls. She moved on to provide parental support and education to first-time mothers. During her tenure at Sinnissippi, Adams helped to advocate for programs for children 0-5 to enhance their social and emotional development.

Adams believes in the importance of children's social and emotional development as well as their physical development. When her program began receiving referrals for children as young as 3 at risk of being expelled from programs due to acting-out behavior, Adams found the resources to provide appropriate assessments and services for very young children to receive the mental health support needed. Adams spearheaded the grant writing for two grants that continue to support this fragile population. She always makes sure child care is represented in all of the community projects she works on. One nominator said, "I learned from Amy to honor the family and the parents; she believes that the role of the parent in the family is the most important relationship in the success of the children."

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