Lessons in the arts for children and adults

DeKALB – The Northern Illinois University Community School of the Arts has programming planned for children and adults this summer. Classes, ensembles and day camps begin the week of June 16 and run throughout June and July. All classes and lessons are taught on the campus of NIU.

Private lessons

Private lessons are available on most musical instruments, as well as in specific areas of theater (such as auditioning skills), and visual art (such as drawing). Teachers are NIU students and faculty, as well as community artists. Students and teachers meet every week for six weeks and are taught at times and days that are convenient to both students and teachers.

Music for young children

Prelude Class (ages 1 to 3) is a group class with fun music listening, creative movement activities, songs and lap games. Development Class (ages 3 to 5) builds on the material learned in Prelude Class and adds musical patterns and skills through games, songs, creative movement, playing percussion instruments, basic music theory and learning about some of the instruments of the orchestra.

Piano Starter for Children is a beginning piano class for ages 5 to 7. Children meet in a small-group environment and learn basic notes and position of keys and play simple tunes.

Music for older children and adults

Guitar Basics is a beginning class in which students learn to read music, play songs and construct and play scales and chords. Students gain knowledge about music theory and experience various styles of guitar techniques. Guitar Basics, Section 1 is for ages 9 to 12; Guitar Basics, Section 2 is for ages 13 to adult.

Square One Piano: Group Basics Class is a beginning group piano class for ages 13 to adult. Students learn simple tunes and basic skills, such as reading music and playing chords. Piano Forte: Building Piano Skills is an intermediate group piano class for ages 13 to adult. Students are encouraged to choose music to learn that they enjoy listening to, from ragtime to folk to show music.


NIUkulele Ensemble is designed for beginning and intermediate players ages 9 to adult. Students learn to play melodies, chords and songs in many styles and to perform solo and in unison and harmony. Beginners receive instruction on the instrument and players with more experience are assigned more involved parts.

CSA Guitar Ensemble encourages players to enjoy the guitar in an ensemble setting and gain confidence and skill on the instrument. The class is designed for beginning and intermediate players.

The NIU Community School of the Arts offers year-round programming in the arts. More information and forms are available at www.csa.niu.edu or by calling the NIU Community School of the Arts at 815-753-1450. The office is located in Room 132 Music Building and is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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