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Looking Back: May 28, 2014

A photo of East Lincoln Highway in DeKalb in 1959, including Les’s Tap, Brono’s, Tropical Fish Bowl, Twin Tavern, the Dixie Inn Restaurant and Brown’s. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.
A photo of East Lincoln Highway in DeKalb in 1959, including Les’s Tap, Brono’s, Tropical Fish Bowl, Twin Tavern, the Dixie Inn Restaurant and Brown’s. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.


May 29, 1889

The opening of Oklahoma will soon be followed by the opening of another tract of land. The 500,000 acres known for half a century as the Fort Sisseton Military Reservation will be thrown open to settlement June 1. 

A bill awaits the signature of the governor that appropriates $50,000 for a new institution at Chester for the confinement of insane criminals. Separating the convicts from the ordinary insane will remedy a great evil.

Mr. Henry Colton was approached by the same gang that victimized Mr. John Wright, and became so deeply interested in their scheme he tried to secure the $500 to go into the game. Had his friends not suspected something was wrong and refused to let him have the money he would have dropped a good-sized bundle of wealth.

There are three towns in DeKalb County without a railroad, and one of them that never had a post office; another without a justice, constable or assessor. Those three towns are as prosperous as any in the county.

Dion DeMarbelle of Kirkland has traveled with the Ringling Bros., and at the circus performance he was introduced to the audience as “the veteran author and ex-clown” and sang one of his old-time songs.

The bonded debt of the United States is, in round numbers, only $900 million, and at the present rate of redemption it will be paid in nine years.


May 27, 1914

At the request of Marshal J.D. Morris of Kirkland, his son J.L. Morris and a companion were arrested Monday by the Elgin police. Morris said he had put his son up in business and the business had failed. He said the cash register was his property and his son was attempting to take it to Chicago and sell it. There will probably be no prosecution.

A judge ruled Tuesday that the election in Hampshire Township on the saloon question was illegally conducted, nullifying the drys’ victory.

Six boys were captured at Sycamore early Monday after they alighted from a freight train. They were locked up in the calaboose awaiting the authorities from the state school for boys in St. Charles, from which they had escaped.

Prospects are fair for Rock Island to secure the Jacob Haish Company, whose plant in DeKalb was destroyed by fire.

Where the aeroplane has heretofore been a sort of a circus, a rare and dangerous sport, it rapidly is approaching the commercial phase. You will yet eat fruit fresh from the tropics; the important letter, the valuable document will soon go from coast to coast in the time now required to go from New York to Chicago.


May 31, 1939

The Lindenwood exchange will be the fifth exchange in the DeKalb-Ogle Telephone Co. territory to get the dial system.

There were 2,646 poppies sold last Saturday, the gross contributions being $248.25.

There is, rising on the foundation of the Virgil school house burned last winter, a brick edifice that will be completed within 30 days and ready for the opening of the school term in September. The eight pupils who attend the school are using space in a residence in Virgil.

The federal census of 1930 gave Genoa a population of less than 1,200 souls. Today, figures compiled by the postmaster show the population of Genoa to be 1,467.

Police in DeKalb complain that the fire pots which are lit nightly in parts of the city where public improvements are being made are being extinguished by youngsters.

The Shabbona fire truck answered its first call at the farm of Lars Espe.

Nanny, the DeKalb goat that created considerable trouble in Sycamore nearly three weeks ago, is back at the home of her owner. The goat was stolen, probably as a lark, and left tied to a tree at a different address. It then chewed its tether in two and was found browsing in a flower garden.

The finding of a stalk of marijuana, the weed used in the manufacture of poisonous cigarettes, and the turning over of the weed to the sheriff, has started again the campaign to rid the county of that narcotic.


May 27, 1964

When the Opportunity House Vocational Training Center was opened in February of 1962, there were seven trainees, and now there are 28, most of them from DeKalb County.

The Sycamore Fire Department has received its small truck. They must now install the pumper apparatus on the new vehicle which was mounted to the old truck; improvements and differences in dimensions have created problems.

The Sycamore City Council granted Troy Holt’s request to rezone six acres in the vicinity of Electric Park corners from residential to business, a solid step toward the eventual construction of a dining and convention hall.

Illinois motorists planning vacation trips to the New York World’s Fair are warned to be sure no one under 18 does any driving in New York City or Nassau County of New York State. New York law prohibits anyone younger than 18 from driving in those two areas.

– Sycamore True Republican


May 31, 1989

Like many youth service providers in DeKalb County, the DeKalb Police Department’s juvenile detective is rushing to get as much information as possible on the local Satanic cult phenomenon.

Four generations of family ownership will come to an end next month when the Elmer Adee farm in Kirkland changes hands.

More than 100 people crowded into DeKalb City Council chambers May 22 hoping to influence the vote on an ordinance that would have added “sexual orientation” as a protected class under the city’s human rights ordinance.

– The MidWeek

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