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Looking Back: May 21, 2014

The round barn on Airport Road in Sycamore, on the Dr. Clark farm, near the intersection of Airport Road and Quigley Road, is shown in this undated photo. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.
The round barn on Airport Road in Sycamore, on the Dr. Clark farm, near the intersection of Airport Road and Quigley Road, is shown in this undated photo. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.


May 22, 1889

Natural gas is being discovered pretty near Sycamore. At Wayne, C.W. Martin, while boring for water lastMonday, struck natural gas which burned for hours.

Prof. George Lewis has been engaged to take charge of the department of music at Waterman Hall. The institution is fortunate in securing the services of an artist of such marked ability.

Six lads between the ages of 15 and 18 were seen on the streets Saturday evening so intoxicated they could not walk straight, and one had to be carried off the streets. ...It is a shame and disgrace they should be given liquor. It is to be hoped that the party supplying these lads can be detected and made to suffer the extreme penalty of the law.

The time is drawing near when the sweet girl graduate will be the most important personage in the community, and white slippers and giddy dressmakers will be in big demand.

The sale of lands delinquent for taxes began on Monday morning. The bids were run down to fractions so small one needed a magnifying glass attached to his powers of perception to realize the amount bid. Walter Langolis seemed to be the king of the fraction scale and agreed to pay the taxes for one-vigintillionth part of an inch. The infitesimallity of this sum so staggered the county treasurer he postponed the sale until today. If he has recovered sufficiently, it will continue.

Hinckley charges $100 license for the first billiard table, $50 for the second, $25 for the third.


May 20, 1914

A funeral procession held up at a crossroads, another crowd of 100 or more a mile and a half further south, and a crazy man at a point between the two crowds firing a Winchester repeating rifle at every person who appreared within a quarter of a mile – that was the exciting situation which was encountered by Sheriff Frank Poust and Chief of Police Joe Ogden of Sycamore Sunday afternoon.

Saturday was a wild night in the little village of Burlington, an oasis in the wide expanse of desert which extends practically unbroken from Sycamore for 25 miles in all directions. The two saloons were the center of the action. When you could get to reaching distance of the bar you put down whatever money you had to spend and took whatever drinks stood handy, but you got back no change. Some husky young farmers got a little inspiration and illustrated their abilities by knocking down whoever came near.

One of the most disastrous fires in the history of the city of DeKalb was the destruction Tuesday morning of Jacob Haish’s manure spreader factory.

Gophers threaten the corn crop in this vicinity.

An automobile line has again been established between Sycamore and Genoa. The fare is 75 cents one way and $1 for a round trip.

Many were injured when the Lake Geneva train on the Chicago and Northwestern railroad crashed into a freight train at Crystal Lake on Sunday.


May 24, 1939

Preparation for the sale of poppies are still being made by the American Legion Auxiliary and the Legion. The commander of the local Legion post urges all World War veterans to remember to pay tribute to their comrades by wearing a poppy on Poppy Day.

Action on Sycamore’s proposed milk ordinance was delayed by the city council. There are many conflicting ideas in regard to what is proper – or improper – in a milk ordinance.

The county sheriff warns merchants not to accept checks from persons they do not know.

Objections of nearby property owners have halted, at least for the time being, the project of using 16 feet on the north side of the courthouse square as parking space for county employees and officials.

A farmhand who worked for George Ault, the Kirkland banker, is being held in Jefferson, Va., on the charge of having stolen the banker’s new Ford coupe.

Sycamore, Savanna and the towns that lie between are planning to divert traffic from US Route 20 to Route 64 to popularize Route 64 further. Sycamore drivers are interested in having Route 64 made a four-lane highway from there to St. Charles.


May 20, 1964

The most completely-stripped car by thieves to have been found in DeKalb County was spotted Tuesday morning in the vicinity of Owens and Pritchard roads southeast of Cortland.

Jerry Adams bucketed a pair of bones in Belvidere Tuesday afternoon. If archeologists’ tests turn out as predicted, it may mean that mastadon roamed in the Boone County area some 100,000 years ago.

Boy vandals with pellet guns are using valuable property as targets.

Businessmen participating in Northern Illinois University’s Executive Development Seminar will participate in computer games that simulate management problems which would take years to complete without the machines.

An excellent service and large turnout were the attributes of the official organization of the new Presbyterian church of DeKalb on Sunday. The name selected for t he new church was Westminster Presbyterian Church.

– Sycamore True Republican


May 24, 1989

The pilot and two passengers of a DC-3 were killed Monday morning when the twine-engine propeller plane crashed and burned in a field seven miles south of DeKalb.

Shortages of skilled labor, housing and sewers, and problems with telephone service and the general business climate were cited as the county’s weaknesses in a preliminary report released by the DeKalb County Economic Development Corporation.

– The MidWeek

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