County program makes cycling easier

In a news release, DeKalb County Board Chairman Jeff Metzger, R-Sandwich, announced a new initiative called Pedal Pal.

Pedal Pal is the brainchild of Misty Haji-Sheikh, DeKalb County Board District 7. An avid cyclist, Haji-Sheikh had an idea to make it easier for walkers and bicyclists to travel local greenways and trails. Pedal Pal is a way for local businesses, park districts, forest preserves, municipalities and others in DeKalb County to promote cycling by placing a decal on their establishment which signifies that they are bicycle friendly. Each location that displays the decal agrees to allow passing cyclists to come in and get a drink of water, use the bathroom and/or use the phone in case of emergency. Businesses that display the Pedal Pal decal will be included on the www.pedalpal.org website as locations that are bicycle friendly.

Haji-Sheikh also sponsored a resolution to use the League of American Cyclists’ guideline to add to county’s Greenways and Trails Plan. The resolution passed unanimously. This is a step in an ongoing effort to improve connectivity in DeKalb County.

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