Medieval art part of Littlejohn week

With a $1,000 grant from the DeKalb Education Foundation, Littlejohn Elementary School in DeKalb held a Medieval Times Fine Arts Week during the week of April 7.

The week began with a mini-medieval fair, in which several area artists demonstrated medieval art forms for the Littlejohn students. Jennifer Wegmann-Gabb demonstrated how to create illuminated manuscripts using calligraphy, gold-leafing, and ink production. Tonya Hardy showed students how to create goblets and gargoyles out of clay. And Allison Johnson demonstrated lampwork, the art of layering molten glass onto a steel rod to create decorative beads.

Northern Illinois University professor Valerie Garver shared information about medieval textiles and clothing, and NIU professor Janet Hatheway shared some musical instruments that were used during the Middle Ages.

Each grade level learned some general history of the Middle Ages and studied a different medieval art form. Pre-kindergarteners created mosaic art, kindergarten classes created castles, first graders created weavings after learning about tapestries and storytelling, second graders made stained-glass windows, third graders made clay gargoyles, fourth graders created frescoes, and fifth graders made their own coats of arms. All of the projects were on display during parent/teacher conference week.

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