Carnation Days by the Genoa Lions

Provided photo

On April 5, the Genoa Lions sold more than 220 dozen carnations to family, friends and the community. This annual fundraiser is organized by Lion Gene Bradford, who arranges the purchase of the flowers, distributes the posters throughout town and organizes the door-to-door delivery of the flowers. His fellow Genoa Lions sell the carnations for $10 a dozen and the flowers were delivered on April 4 and 5. The profits from these sale goes directly to high school scholarships the club awards to two Genoa-Kingston seniors at graduation. Mike Dreska and Gene Bradford more than 100 dozen flowers between the two of them. The flower shop that is instrumental in this endeavor is Everything Floral located on Main Street in Genoa. Pictured (from left) are Annie VanDerHeyden, Hector Feliciano, Gene Bradford and Greg Cravatta.

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