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Looking Back: April 30, 2014

Geographical Publishing Company, Printers, Binders and Mapmakers, on Pleasant Street in DeKalb, in 1951. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.
Geographical Publishing Company, Printers, Binders and Mapmakers, on Pleasant Street in DeKalb, in 1951. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.


May 1, 1889

The suit of Dr . Williams,  of Geneva, against McChesney , Blackman and West has been transferred to the DeKalb Co . circuit court on a change of venue from Kane county. Dr . Williams claims damages against the defendants for charging him with being connected with the several cases of [arson] which have occurred in Geneva.

Sycamore will soon have to build another ward school house to accommodate our rapidly increasing population. The overflow from the crowded rooms in the central school are being taught in the German Lutheran church.

One-thirtieth of the whole population of Iceland emigrated last year, moved, it is said, by the unpopularity of the Danish government.

An enterprising railroad in Texas has sent agents to Oklahoma to induce the overflow to journey down to Texas. The railroad has 7 million acres to sell, while all of Oklahoma contains only 1.8 million. Texas hopes to get 20,000 immigrants from the overflow.

The idea of celebrating the 50th anniversary of the settlement of the city of Sycamore is meeting with favor. If we are to celebrate the event, let us make it the grandest thing of the kind ever witnessed in DeKalb County.

The skating rink craze which swept over the county with such furor a few years ago has died out. At Sycamore, the old rink building is now in use by the Water Motor company, manufacturing the popular Tuerk motor. In DeKalb, a glove factory is now established in the old rink building.

An automatic device in front of the Corner Restaurant takes the place of a cigar clerk on duty at all hours. Drop a nickel in the slot and you get a fine Havana cigar.


April 29, 1914

One year in the state reformatory was the sentence received by Walter Stafford, who left his wife and four small children in Minnesota last August and came to Sycamore in company with his wife’s 13-year-old half sister, with whom he has since been living as her husband.

Anxiety was relieved Sunday when George E. Robinson of Sycamore received word that his son, Leon D. Robinson, who was reported wounded in operations against the Mexicans at Vera Cruz, and whose name appeared in the press dispatches in the list of the dead, is shot in the right shoulder, but surviving and doing well.

After Thursday night, no liquors, wines or malted beverages may be sold by any druggist in Rockford, even upon a physician’s prescription.

The old building at the county farm in DeKalb will be torn down and from the material an isolation hospital will be built some distance back on the banks of the river. The cost of an isolation hospital could be saved during an epidemic.

D.B. Arbuckle of Kingston was remembered last week by his son Phil with a large sack of peanuts sent from Houston, Texas.

During the storm last Friday, lightning struck a large pine near the McNeil home, and ran from the tree to a telephone line and into the house. Several occupants were stunned.


May 3, 1939

Alfred Christensen leased this week the Campbell service station, a metamorphosis from the horse and buggy days. The station first was the stable for the coach horses of Frederick B. Townsend, then a garage, and finally a modern plant bearing but little resemblance to the original.

Mary Bimbo, self-styled queen of the gypsies, who is said to have been one of three women arrested here in 1937 for the robbery of two aged DeKalb County men, was ordered by the Illinois parole board to serve the maximum sentence of six years and three months for operating a confidence game.

Three-fourths of persons killed in auto accidents are men, according to statistics. Their innate desire to dominate gets them into trouble when they attempt to force their way through traffic. Women are generally more willing to wait until the light is green to drive through an intersection or to stand on the curb until there is no danger before she walks across the street.

The school house at Kingston was broken into Friday night. Someone drove a car into the school doors and broke them in.

A two-headed calf born on the Lamont farm near Kirkland Thursday, which died the same day, has been given to Northern Illinois State Teachers College for preservation. After the taxidermist is through, the calf will be placed in the college museum.

Three persons – a 50-year-old man, a 21-year-old young mother, allegedly his daughter, and her 8-month old daughter, were apprehended by the county jailer Friday and are being held in the county jail, the adults being charged with vagrancy. The man says the came from Birmingham, Ala. and have hitchhiked in 13 states.


April 29, 1964

There appears to be a gang of youngsters who delight in making trouble for others. Alton Brand reported early Saturday a quart-sized beer bottle had been thrown against the picture window of his home, breaking the window. Culprits ran flags up the flagpole at the Haka home, each square white flag carrying both the swastika and the hammer and sickle insignias. Hub caps have been stolen and radio aerials broken off autos in recent weeks.

Mrs. Gordon Ness of Genoa reported to the sheriff’s office early this week that a window peeper was discovered outside her home last Friday night about 11 p.m.

– Sycamore True Republican 


May 3, 1989

The operator of the DeKalb County Landfill has agreed without argument to meet all 23 conditions recommended by the county’s expert. The consulting engineering firm hired by the county said the conditions placed on the 26-acre expansion of the landfill protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public, but at least two persons who live near the Cortland landfill disagree.

– The MidWeek

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