Shakespearean comedy set on a college campus

DeKALB – “One would think that Shakespeare had the college audience in mind when developing ‘Love’s Labour’s Lost,’ a play about young adults torn between a life of the mind and a life of pleasure,” said Northern Illinois University Assistant Professor of English Lara Crowley.

The NIU School of Theatre and Dance will present the Shakespearean comedy April 10-13 in the Holmes Student Center Diversions Lounge, at the corner of Lucinda Avenue and Normal Road in DeKalb.

The playful adaptation, loosely set on a college campus, follows the King of Navarre and three of his friends, who have vowed to devote themselves to a celibate life of scholarship for three years. However, the Princess of France and her attendant ladies have other plans, and try to convince the four men to break their pledge. Each of the men in turn fall victim to the ladies’ charms, and rationalize their change of heart as extensions of their intellectual pursuits.

“This play explores why people go to college, what happens in college and how it shapes our lives,” director Stanton Davis said. “The characters are studying philosophy, history and mathematics, and secretly they’re learning about love and the difference between love and mere infatuation. The comedy comes from the ridiculous things people do when they’re in love.”

Love’s Labour’s Lost is the final Studio Series production of SoTD’s 2013-2014 season. It runs one weekend only. Reservations and additional information are available at 815-753-1600, or online at

Performances start at 7:30 p.m. Thursday through Saturday, with a Sunday performance at 2 p.m. All general admission ticketsare $6. 

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