Local author donates newest book to library

The Mason-Dixon Line does not have origins to the Civil War. This simple statement intrigued local author, Sally M. Walker, to follow this nugget of truth into a 200-page book about the creation of the Mason-Dixon line, how it settled a family feud, and ultimately how it divided a nation. Walker has donated a copy of her newest book, “Boundaries,” about this famous line to the DeKalb Public Library.

Walker enjoys history of all kinds. She was raised to love American history, as her parents would take the family on exciting vacations filled with historical significance. That joy of discovering still remains with her today. Walker’s newest book was an idea thrown out by her editor, who had just read “Mason & Dixon: A Novel,” by Thomas Pynchon. The more Walker read about this “wild story,” the more she was intrigued. As with any of her books, her research started at the DeKalb Public Library. Two-and-a-half years later and four trips to Pennsylvania, “Boundaries” was born.

This book breaks through the ideology that the Mason-Dixon line was the boundary between northern and southern states during the Civil War. The reality is that the Mason-Dixon Line was surveyed to officially establish the boundary line between Pennsylvania and Maryland. In fact, the actual Mason-Dixon Line ended 30 miles east of Pennsylvania's western border. The book delves into how Mason and Dixon surveyed the land using the stars as their guide, the dangers of completing such a daunting task and even discusses that there were only two women on this survey team ... and they were Native American.

Sally Walker has been awarded the Robert F. Sibert Medal for “Secrets of a Civil War Submarine.” Her book “Blizzard of Glass: The Halifax Explosion of 1917” was a 2014 Rebecca Caudill Award Nominee. “Boundaries” is rich with new research and is well on its way to earning its own accolades. For more information about Sally Walker and her books, visit www.sallymwalker.com. Her books also are available at the DeKalb Public Library and through the Inter-Library Loan System.

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