Ag-related books donated to school libraries

For the 13th consecutive year, DeKalb County Farm Bureau’s Agricultural Literacy program worked with local sponsors to donate a collection of ag-related titles to elementary and middle school libraries throughout DeKalb County.

The following titles were provided: “The Thing About Luck,” by Cynthia Kadohata, “Water: Sources, Use, Conservation,” by Nancy Carlson, “Ice Cream: The Full Scoop,” by Gail Gibbons and “The Cow in Patrick O’Shanahan’s Kitchen by Diana Prichard. Also provided were copies of the second edition of the DeKalb County Farmers Ag Mag, a colorful, 4-page, tabloid-size newspaper.

Increasing agricultural awareness of both students and teachers is the aim of this book donation program. To that end, new non-fiction and fiction titles that convey information about farming, the larger ag industry, and how food and other products are grown and processed are sought for each year’s donations. Once they have been provided to school libraries, the books are available for both students and teachers to use.

Thirty-seven schools in the county area benefitted from this effort, which targeted students in kindergarten through eighth grade. Each school library received titles appropriate to the grade levels within that school.

A total of 85 books were distributed to schools in celebration of National Agriculture Week, March 23-29. Since 2002, more than 80 different agricultural titles have been donated to both public and private schools in the county, amounting to a total of 2,608 items.

The businesses, individuals, and organizations that partnered with Farm Bureau to sponsor and purchase the books include Bolander Farms, Sycamore; Kevin and Colleen Marshall (in memory of LeRoy Cowan), Big Rock; Jim and Sue Walter, DeKalb; Tate & Lyle Food Systems; and the DeKalb County Farm Bureau Foundation.

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