Oak Crest awards employee grant

Twice a year for 15 years the Community Relations Committee of the Oak Crest DeKalb Area Retirement Center Board of Trustees has awarded a grant in the amount of $300 to a deserving employee to pursue educational or enrichment programming. This grant is in addition to the annual Employee Scholarship designed for employees or their dependents pursuing an undergraduate degree/program of study.

This year’s grant was awarded to Queency Hebel, who has worked in the Resident Services Department since August 2010. She completed her Certified Nurse’s Aide training and is continuing her studies in the field of health care by pursuing a nursing degree at Kishwaukee College. She is looking forward to applying all that she has learned and her work-related experiences into the growing field of medicine.

“Oak Crest’s commitment to the people working at Oak Crest extends beyond the workplace,” executive director Stephen Cichy said in a news release. “This grant provides employees with financial support to pursue their interests; whether they are in the areas of academics or life enrichment. Oak Crest employees have applied the grant from everything to music lessons to language courses.

“Our organizational vision is to be recognized as the innovative leader in long-term care and services. This vision applies not only to the people who make their homes here, but to the people who make Oak Crest home,” he said in the release.

Oak Crest is located at 2944 Greenwood Acres Drive in DeKalb.

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