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Looking Back: April 9, 2014

This undated photo shows the Hollywood Drive Inn in DeKalb, on North First street by 
the Kishwaukee River. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.
This undated photo shows the Hollywood Drive Inn in DeKalb, on North First street by the Kishwaukee River. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.


April 10, 1889

Dr. Holmes left on Saturday for Florida, where he goes for renewed health.

At the Sycamore city council meeting on Monday, Mayor Lattin suggested that raising the saloon license to $1,000 might be an advisable thing to do.

Of the 20 candidates for West Point military academy examined at Geneva Monday, 11 were found physically incompetent.

Report from Cortland is that Mr. Boyer, the hotel  man, has suddenly left the country, and that numerous creditors are mourning his departure.

The part of Indian Territory that is to be opened to settlement April 22 is about 50 miles square and contains 10,000 quarter sections. Each settler can claim one quarter section, and there are 20,000 people on the Kansas border ready to rush in as the clock strikes 12 of the appointed day.

In New York state, 1,362,252 persons have an average of $384.25 saved in banks. That speaks well of the economy and prudence of the masses.

While the engineer of a train was making his way downgrade toward a river on a Georgia railroad recently he saw a woman standing on the track waving her handkerchief. He stopped, imagining there was some danger, when the woman scrambled aboard and asked him to take her across the bridge, as it made her head dizzy to walk across. He didn’t swear.


April 8, 1914

The Sycamore Fence company is about to erect a large additional building and begin galvanizing wire by a new process that makes wire practically indestructible by the elements.

After four years “wet,” the pendulum has swung the other way and Sycamore will be without saloons the next two years.

Tuesday was the first time women were allowed to vote, and many persons stood about polling places to witness the unfamiliar spectacle. ...According to the Chicago papers, Mrs. Margaret Swinbank of Sycamore was the oldest voter in Illinois Tuesday. She is 101 years of age.

A sweeping order from the chief of police in Aurora placed a ban on roller skating on pavements following an accident which may result in the death of a 7-year-old boy.

A small building in the rear of C.W. Steenrod’s furniture store caught fire, apparently from a nearby bonfire of rubbish. The building damaged was valued at about $2, although it cost the city $50 to get out the fire department in response to the alarm that was turned in.

Fifty years after his faithful service in the Civil War, Stephen Nichols has had his record cleared, and on Thursday received the papers entitling him to a most welcome and deserved pension.


April 12, 1939

More and more money is being spent on relief projects in Illinois. In DeKalb County, 1,921 people obtained assistance checks for general relief, 1,340 obtained WPA assistance, 634 received old age assistance, 161 received checks from other’s pension, and 61 received assistance for the blind.

The scarlet fever epidemic which struck Sycamore and surrounding communities last winter has begun to abate. There are about 35 cases of scarlet fever in Sycamore, with 12 persons about to be released from quarantine and but one quarantine established since last Saturday.

Granny, a 23-year-old hen who was the oldest hen in the world, died of old age recently. She was frequently exhibited at shows, and up until a year ago laid an occasional egg.

DeKalb County taxing units received the first distribution, $175,000. This distribution, which all taxing bodies of the county share, is the first of either four or five that will be made this year.

John Terry, 28, arrested after a posse of officers and Leland citizens chased him six miles, was sentenced to serve six months at the Vandalia state penal farm on a vagrancy charge.

Plans are being made for the city of Genoa to take over the rubbish dump west of town. 


April 8, 1964

A new idea for Sycamore High School graduation has been proposed by several citizens. It is suggested the exercises be conducted out of doors. One of the chief reasons is the memory of some well-nigh suffocating hours on warm June graduation nights. The annual graduation exercise is to be held June 8.

Money will buy a pretty good dog, but it won’t buy the wag of his tail.

Deco Porcelain has purchased George Steere and Sons in Chicago and are moving everything to Sycamore except the building.

– Sycamore True Republican


April 5, 1989

A $1 million bond has been set for a Dixon man arrested Sunday by DeKalb police on drug charges. It is believed to be the highest bond ever set in DeKalb County.

Traffic accidents handled by the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office in 1988 increased 14 percent, but alcohol-related accidents dropped to their lowest level in years.

A hearing on the expansion of the DeKalb County Landfill was continued until April 13 to give operator Rodney Engstrom more time to provide information requested by the landfill hearing committee.

The busiest intersections in DeKalb are Annie Glidden Road and Lincoln Highway and Lincoln Highway and First Street. The intersections with the highest accident count last year were Annie Glidden Road and Lincoln Highway, Lincoln and Tenth Street, and Annie Glidden and Hillcrest Drive.

– The MidWeek

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