Instant choir created at community sing

DeKALB – The Northern Illinois University School of Music is looking to build an instant choir, hundreds of voices strong, at a Community Sing at 1:30 p.m., Saturday, April 5, in Boutell Hall in the Music Building on the NIU campus.

The choir, composed of all attendees at the event, will be led by Nick Page, an internationally known choral composer, conductor, author and song leader. Page will be a conductor in residence at the NIU school of Music April 3-5.

Page is a song leader with a reputation for bringing out the magic in others. He travels to community sing events around the country, working with groups of all ages and abilities. At each stop, over the course of an evening sing, he turns each of those groups into a harmonious community of powerful voices.

The event is open to all members of the community, said Mary Lynn Doherty, coordinator of music education for the NIU School of Music.

“Nick Page and his music have been an inspiration to me for many years; the CSA Children’s Choir is honored to be hosting him this spring,” she said. “The Community Sing is an opportunity for all those who love music to connect through song. His infectious energy and style are sure to leave a lasting impression on our community.”

Page’s visit is co-sponsored by the Community School of the Arts and NIU’s Music Education Department.

The community sing will be one of the highlights of Page’s three days at NIU as composer, conductor and song leader in residence. His residency is funded by the National Endowment for the

Arts and the NIU School of Music.

While on campus Page will present to NIU classes, work with the choirs at Clinton Rosette Middle School in DeKalb, lead a rehearsal of the CSA Children’s Choir and hold a workshop on working with children’s voices featuring the choir as the demonstration ensemble.

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