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Looking Back: Feb. 19, 2014

The engine of the Sycamore & Cortland train. Year unknown. Thanks to the Sycamore History Museum for the photo.
The engine of the Sycamore & Cortland train. Year unknown. Thanks to the Sycamore History Museum for the photo.


February 20, 1889

Mr. Nick Renin has bought the house and lot on DeKalb Avenue which belonged to Mrs. Spafford Smith. The price paid was $1,100.

A gang of young fellows was making things lively about Sycamore Saturday. A Swedish citizen was struck in the nose with a billiard cue, and “Horsey” Rogers was brought before the magistrate and fined for that offense. That night, Henry Hoffman, the night watchman, had an altercation with a crowd of boys. He drew a revolver and fired on them, without any effect than to disperse the gang.

Sycamore will have 22 electric lights, a number not surpassed by any city of its size in the state.

There has been considerable feeling aroused in Waterman because Rev. Coulter saw fit to join the Masonic Lodge. ...If people better understood the object of such societies, they would have different opinions.

Rochelle children are dying from diphtheria.

Bjornstjerne Bjornson says he cannot understand why people who travel for the sake of their health do not choose the wintertime for a visit to Norway. “The air!” he exclaims. “There are no bacteria in that air.”


February 18, 1914

The usual large number of divorce cases are filed for hearing at the February term of DeKalb Circuit Court.

The Sycamore High School basket ball team defeated the St. Charles team last Friday 28 to 12. The Sycamore team will take part in the Northern Illinois tournament in Rockford Friday and Saturday. All of the other schools participating are larger than Sycamore, but the Sycamore boys are confident.

Cyclone Johnny Thompson, who has made Sycamore famous in the pugilistic line for many years, will leave Tuesday on another trip to Australia.

Arthur Baie of Waterman brought the county clerk the carcass of a large wolf, the third he has killed this winter, and received the $10 bounty.

The Woodpecker Line, which operates between Sycamore and Marengo, put a new gasoline car into service between Sycamore and Genoa Tuesday. The new car is smaller than the old cars, approaching a square in shape, and has only four wheels. It looks like an ambulance on a railroad track.

George Neckrash was out hunting near Cherry Valley Monday when he ran across a couple of opossums in a hollow tree. He got them out of the tree and brought them alive to his home, where he has given them comfortable quarters. The ‘possum is quite scarce in this vicinity.

Every policeman in Rockford has received orders to watch out for people with a rash on their faces or hands and to get their names and report at once to the health department, which will immediately hold a clinic to determine whether they have smallpox.


February 22, 1939

Flames that did damage to the extent of several hundred dollars attacked the residence of Henry Breunlin on North Main Street in Sycamore Saturday evening.

Two ordinances are now in the formative stages in Sycamore. One is the much-discussed nuisance ordinance to protect Sycamore residents from the annoyance of peddlers, and the other prevents, under penalty, the throwing of oils or acids in drains or pipes connected with the city sewers.

Indictments of three Wisconsin brothers accused of cattle rustling in DeKalb County and 10 other Illinois counties is expected from the grand jury which convenes Monday.

Civic and air-minded folk will be glad to know that negotiations completed at West Chicago this week assure Sycamore of a nearby airport for a long time to come.

It will be noted at the brow of hills, the approach to curves and in the city limits, the state highway department has painted white lines in the center of the roadway. There may be no law providing for this extra strip of paint, which means a motorist should not attempt to pass the car ahead, but it is there for the protection of life and property.


February 19, 1964

A hungry bandit was a bit fussy Tuesday evening and took only a few bits of frozen chicken in the Diner Sack restaurant in Sycamore. However, he enjoyed the potato salad and candy he found and helped himself to cigarettes. Because little or no money is left in the place at night, it is not known whether the break-in was for cash and the food incidental, or whether the stranger was really hungry.

Several boys who had been feuding for days in DeKalb and Sycamore were scheduled to meet and engage in fistic combat Tuesday evening. A passing police car noted between 75 and 100 teenagers swarming in a parking lot. Police scattered the crowd and prevented the fight. Such a massing of teenage forces as a result of an individual feud and climaxing into a battle is known as a “rumble.” It is something Sycamore has never experienced in its more than 100 years. If such an event ever occurs, parents and authorities will have an exciting topic of conversation for months.

The Genoa Variety Store, which was purchased by the Genoa State Bank last fall, will be moved to a new location on North Sycamore Street, where it will be remodeled into two pleasant apartments.

– Sycamore True Republican


February 15, 1989

DeKalb Human Relations Commission chairperson Beth Schulman has directed an ad hoc committee on sexual orientation to continue its investigation on discrimination against homosexuals.

Tackling the drug problem will be the No. 1 priority of DeKalb’s new police chief, Donald Berke, a 22-year veteran of the department.

Sycamore Hospital is working to provide a low-cost method of detecting early breast cancer, known as Mammography Screening.

– The MidWeek

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