DeKalb warns drivers of slick streets

DeKALB – In order to conserve road salt, the City of DeKalb Public Works Department will be modifying salting procedures. Effective immediately, the Public Works Department will only be applying road salt to main roadways and places identified as being potentially dangerous. Salt will not be applied on residential streets. It is likely that many roads, particularly residential roads, could become snow packed.

The weather forecast for the upcoming ten days predicts as many as three snow storm systems including today’s snowfall. The total snowfall for these three storms could exceed 10 inches. There is potential for a significant snow storm on Saturday and the City has developed a plan.

As you may have heard in the local media, it has been very challenging to receive salt deliveries from the State of Illinois. The City currently has 250 tons of salt on hand and the City does not want to depend on future shipments that may not come on time. The City has an additional 800 tons of salt on order from the State of Illinois.

Some tips for safely driving in these conditions:

1. Allow additional space between you and the cars around you. Braking distance will be impacted on snow packed streets and it will be more difficult to stop.

2. When stopping, avoid sudden movements of the steering wheel. Avoid locking of brakes on glazed ice as it will cause a loss of steering and control. Every City block and every mile of highway may be different, depending upon sun or shade and the surface of the roadway. You must be aware of the conditions where you are.

3. There is no such thing as a “safe” speed range at which you may drive on snow or ice. You can very quickly find yourself driving too fast for conditions.

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