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Looking Back: Feb. 5, 2014

In this photo, a group of boys celebrates the Fourth of July. Eloise Overton, who provided the photo, estimates it was taken about 1914 or 1915. Her father, Carl Wiltse, is one of the boys in the front row. Thanks to Ms. Overton for the photo.
In this photo, a group of boys celebrates the Fourth of July. Eloise Overton, who provided the photo, estimates it was taken about 1914 or 1915. Her father, Carl Wiltse, is one of the boys in the front row. Thanks to Ms. Overton for the photo.


February 6, 1889

Some smart alecks in Sycamore have sent letters to different people, and one or two poor fellows have been frightened nearly out of their wits; one of them procuring a revolver with which to defend himself. It may be a lot of fun for the boys, but if some one should try to frighten a person and get shot in return, it would not be near so funny.

Almost every family in Lily Lake has been visited by a case of the measles.

A woman in Huntington, Conn. is only 35 years of age and has had nine husbands. Next!

A banana sociable is the latest thing at Elgin.

Sycamore is full of pretty school teachers, and our city boys are smiling their sweetest, bowing their neatest and on their good behavior generally.

Once in a while, a beneficent providence gives us such an actress as Florence Hamilton, and then we feel compensated for all the bad acting we have endured in the past.

It is proposed in New York to spend $103,000 teaching German in the public schools.

Sen. Stanford is reported to have given a dinner recently at which strawberries were served that cost $3 a dozen.

John McDowall was seen on the street in Kirkland last Saturday. He looked quite pale, but thinks he will soon be well.

The Kirkland School Board will put an encyclopedia in the school in a week or so. It is encouraging to the teachers to have such help provided.


February 4, 1914

The sons of Henry Jones of Kingston are held in the county jail under $2,000 bonds each for beating almost to death a man against whom they held a grudge.

The month of January was a record breaker for high temperature, showing the highest mean temperature for the month since the records have been kept. The maximum reached 55, dropping to 20 the same day. The lowest temperature was 1 above.

Two hundred citizens met in Waterman Friday to discuss the erection of a new consolidated school. Waterman’s school building of four rooms and several of the one-room buildings in the eight districts must be rebuilt or closed.

A large, important-looking man about 35 years of age, who gave his name as Horace Hall, swindled Mrs. William Peck out of $19.75.

Here is good news for the taxpayers of Sycamore: it looks likely that we will have no taxes at all to pay next year. ...The Town Appointment Board cannot agree on an assessor to fill a vacancy, and none of the members show any signs of agreeing. Without an assessor, how could we be assessed and how could taxes be collected of us?

Did you ever see wild geese flying in early February? Will Welch and George Westlake, two honest boys who know wild geese when they see them, solemnly aver that they frightened up six wild geese three miles north of Sycamore on Wednesday.


February 8, 1939

Harry W. Reed, head of the DeKalb Truck Drivers union, was taken to the county jail on a charge of neglecting to provide for his child in Ohio. The former head of the DeKalb union, after a stormy career, was sentenced to four months in the state farm at Vandalia and a $100 fine on a charge of vagrancy.

Twenty-seven first-grade pupils in Genoa schools were vaccinated against smallpox Tuesday. The 62 pupils of the Lee school have been immunized against diphtheria.

The music and drama departments of the Genoa High School are presenting a program Feb. 9 for the benefit of the athletic funds.

The national average price for gasoline is nearly 1 cent less than it was a year ago. The cost of a gallon to consumers averaged 18.76 cents the first of January this year, against 19.73 cents a year ago.

One man is in the county jail, the second is a fugitive from justice and the third is in a DeKalb hospital as the result of a stabbing over a game at the DeKalb Elks Club on Thursday evening.

More than 60,000 Illinois motorists will be barred from the highways as a result of the drivers license tests being conducted by the state division of highways.


February 5, 1964

Woman opposes woman in the 15th Congressional district, which is made up of DeKalb, Kane, Kendall, Grundy and LaSalle counties. If nominated April 14, Mrs. Poppy X. Mitchell will oppose the probable Republican candidate, incumbent Mrs. Charlotte T. Reid of Aurora.

Four young men actually talked themselves into jail Sunday morning. They are charged with the theft of 48 records from a Sandwich-area jukebox, after some bold talk in an Aurora restaurant.

The nation’s engineers will honor Sycamore’s own Col. John Slezak with their highest recognition for distinguished public service, the Washington Award.

Figures obtained from the county clerk’s office disclosed the glaring fact that 3,116 in DeKalb County failed to vote in the 1960 election. The best township was Paw Paw, where only eight citizens remained away from the polls. The worst was DeKalb, where 1,268 neglected to take advantage of their right to franchise.

In 10 years, it is estimated that Northern Illinois University will have more than three times its present 10,637 students.

–Sycamore True Republican


February 1, 1989

The Crime Stopper program accounted for 49 arrests, recovered $20,975 in stolen property and narcotics and paid out $5,800 in rewards in 1988.

Ed Stapleton, a political “nobody,” has entered the race for DeKalb mayor, making it a five-way contest.

– The MidWeek

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