Scouts visit village hall

KIRKLAND – Cub Scouts from Pack 82 in Kirkland recently made a trip to the Kirkland Village Hall.

Village President Les Bellah had the boys sit around the same table where the village board holds its meetings to have a mock meeting. Each boy – and one boy’s sister – played the role of a government official, including mayor, police chief and chief of public works. Bellah explained the duties of each position in the village. The scouts also learned why there are laws, why government exists, and how each family helps to pay for government.

At the end of the meeting, the mock “officials” took questions from the audience. When one scout’s mother asked, “I think my water bill is too high. What can I do about it?”  The “public works chief” played by her daughter responded, “Deal with it.” Everybody laughed, and Bellah said that he might have to use that line.

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