Big Rock native returns home for book signing

BIG ROCK - Karen Krizanovich is a writer, broadcaster, and presenter based in London and Glasgow who has traveled extensively during her lifetime.

But for the Big Rock  native, coming home reminds her of the qualities she left behind when she headed out to see the world decades ago.

“I’m always grateful  [and] appreciative that the people here are actually really smart,” Krizanovich said. “They’re not rubes. They’re not hicks. They’re canny people – a lot of them are here by choice.

“There’s a purity here, and there’s an honesty here. There’s a lack of commercialism. It just seems more genuine.”

Krizanovich, a Hinckley-Big Rock High School graduate who is better known in her hometown by her birth name, Karen Finley, made an appearance at the Big Rock Library at 48w447 Hinckley Road to sign copies of her recently published book, “Infographic Guide to the Movies.” About 16 people attended, including relatives and high school classmates of the author.

Mary Hague of Big Rock, who organized the event for the library, said the book-signing opportunity fell in her lap.

“She was here at the plowing match,” Hague said. “She wrote an article [about the competition] for a publication in the UK.  So when Karen said that she was coming back to visit family for Christmas and her book had come out, she was willing to do an author appearance.”

The accomplished author ended up writing the book for her publisher because of her work in movie production and film criticism. It is a collaboration with over thirty graphic designers and uses beautiful illustrations to convey interesting or unusual facts about the movie industry.

“I think infographics are, really, a little past their sell-by-date, now. I say that, but they’re such a great educational tool,” said Krizanovich. “I’m still fascinated by them. You can still learn something from a good Venn diagram really quickly.”

Krizanovich has written several other books during her career, but most of them under other people’s names. Ironically, even though this publication is “an amalgam of a lot of people’s work,” she has her name attached to it as the sole author.

She changed her name on the insistence of her editor, Auberon Waugh, at Literary Review Magazine, because it was shared by an American performance artist banned in the United Kingdom for “lewd acts on stage.” Krizanovich is her mother’s maiden name.

Copies of the book were sold for $10, with a portion of the sales going to the Big Rock Historical Society. Krizanovich also donated the two Plowing Match Trophies she won in 1974 and 1975 to the Historical Society.

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