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Looking Back: Dec. 4, 2013

This undated photo shows the Interstate Aircraft factory where drone planes rolled off the assembly line and over the railroad tracks to the airport for testing. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.
This undated photo shows the Interstate Aircraft factory where drone planes rolled off the assembly line and over the railroad tracks to the airport for testing. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.


December 5, 1888

The Scarlet IX Theatre which was advertised to appear in Sycamore last Wednesday night was postponed to Friday night and didn’t show up at either date. It was probably as well that they did not, for a small house would have greeted them on either occasion.

Fire in the Third Ward school house in DeKalb last Friday burned that beautiful new building, the pride of the Third Ward, nearly to the ground. Happily, it was noon, and there were no children in the building.

An important social event, to the 20 guests who were present, was the celebration on Monday of the sixth birthday of Miss Faith Hoyt.

A 7-year-old boy from Marshall, Iowa, was taken to the insane asylum. He was unusually bright and pushed ahead in his studies with such rapidity he became insane from over-study. He had been confined in jail for several weeks awaiting a vacancy in the asylum.

The first of January, 1889, will be a day of peculiar interest as the sun will veil its face in total eclipse.


December 3, 1913

DeKalb County  might secure the big new state colony for epileptics. The state board of administration at Springfield last week voted to locate the new state institution in northern Illinois.

The depot at Kingston was broken into Nov. 26, but nothing was taken, as nothing is left there overnight worth carrying away. It is the opinion that the marauders were amateurs.

Roy P. Fleming loaded a car at the depot in Kingston with his household goods, destined for the west, but he was delayed by some of our merchants with bills due.

C.A. Bennett is building an addition to his barn in Kirkland. It looks very much like a home for a new automobile.

Most people will gladly do you a favor in exchange for a mortgage on your life.

The usual number of Kingston people enjoyed Thanksgiving with relatives and friends out of town, and the usual number of out-of-town people enjoyed the day here.

The Murphy flour house in Cortland is being remade into the post office.


December 7, 1938

There died in Gothenburg, Neb., Friday, Mrs. Emma Wiggins, the last of the 10 sons and daughters of Marshall Stark, pioneer DeKalb County resident who did much to settle the prairie.

The losses resulting from poultry thefts in Illinois amount to more than three times the losses in bank robberies in the entire United States.

When the old P.F. Dehr home was torn down last week, an 1873 railroad time table was found. The time table called attention to the fact that there were 22 passenger trains daily. It showed one train took two hours to cover the 40 miles between Chicago and Aurora.

A geologist has discovered conditions of the land in Naperville and DuPage townships justify tests for oil and gas. If he is right, it will bring unpredictable wealth to the two townships.

DeKalb Township citizens have started a movement to force restitution of money unlawfully taken by five members of the township board. It is claimed the members took pay in excess of the per diem allowed by the law.

One of the most peculiar gifts sent by mail through the Sycamore post office this year was a carton containing three pounds of butter for a German family. Butter is a luxury in Germany, and hard to get.


December 4, 1963

If we pause to give considered thought about it, we remember that the United States has 15,000 soldiers in war-torn Viet Nam.

Catholics give Masses for the souls of the dead rather than flowers. On Dec. 1, a member at St. Mary’s in Sycamore gave a Mass for the late President John F. Kennedy.

His car was damaged, but William J. Wilson escaped injury when the vehicle collided with a freight train engine at the railraod crossing at Main Street Wednesday evening.

Officials of the Chrysler corporation report that it is hoped the new Belvidere plant can be complete and operating by autumn 1965.

For the first time since Duplex Products, Inc. moved to Sycamore, there will be no Christmas party this year. Employees voted to give about $1,000 in the employee fund that had been accumulated with a Christmas party in mind to charity, with the biggest part of it going to Opportunity House.

George Strombom of Sycamore, a junior at Augustana, led all scorers in a basketball game against Chicago Teachers.

– Sycamore True Republican


December 7, 1988

Two near misses last week have made one school bus driver so angry she’d almost rather quit her job than have to deal with the ignorant drivers on DeKalb’s main streets.

For the second time this semester, student demonstrators interrupted a Board of Regents meeting at Northern Illinois University to protest the dismissal of CHANCE counselor Martha Palmer.

A free “Country Christmas” dinner will be served at Bethel Assembly of God Church on Christmas Day. Church members are cooking and serving, Del Monte has donated corn and beans, Paulsen Appliance is loaning two refrigerators, White Hen Pantry is donating ice cream, the Chrysler plant in Belvidere is providing a van to transport supplies and deliver meals to shut-ins, and Walmart and Muller-Pinehurst Dairy in DeKalb are participating.

– The MidWeek

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