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Dr. Who anniversary celebration

DeKALB – When it comes to the popular science fiction character Doctor Who, Lee Stone has a rather unique perspective.

“I watched it over there (on the BBC),” he said, explaining he spent a lot of time visiting family in England, where the show originated.

A “Doctor Who” fan since he was 8, Stone got his two sons, Liam, 15, and Aaron, 13, interested as well.

“He was always talking about it,” Aaron said.

“It’s the type of show that interests a lot of people,” said Jason Leverton of DeKalb. Leveton’s mother got him interested, the way he has interested his own children. “To know my mother you would never think she was a Doctor Who fan.”

The L everton and Stone families were among several who attended a special program at the DeKalb Public Library on Wednesday, Nov. 20, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the popular science-fiction series. The purpose of the program, tweens coordinator Darcy Tatlock said, was to give “Doctor Who” fans a chance to come together to discuss the show and debate their favorite Doctors. Over the show’s 50-year run, 11 different actors have portrayed the time-traveling alien.

“I’m still learning about it,” Tatlock said, admitting she’s a fan, but not a huge fan just yet. “People kept saying if we’re going to have a Harry Potter party and Star Wars, we need to have this.”

To put everyone in the mood, she decorated the door of the conference room like a TARDIS, the Doctor’s time-traveling machine, and served “slightly themed” snacks like jelly babies, fish sticks and vanilla pudding.

Many, like Matt Angel, came dressed as their favorite Doctor Who.

“All my friends talked about it, so I watched the show and it was awesome,” said Matt, who was dressed as the 11th Doctor.

By far, the most extravagant costume was worn by Daniel Leverton, 8, of DeKalb, who came as a dalek, robot aliens who look like pepper shakers and are intent on extermination. Jason Leverton said the family spent several hours making the costume for Halloween.

“Doctor Who” fanatics have their own vocabulary, which can amuse them while confusing others.

“I’ll be making references to it and they (his mother and sister) won’t know what I’m talking about,” Angel laughed.

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