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Looking Back: Nov. 27, 2013

This Suicide Submarine was captured at Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941. It is shown on display at the corner of Third Street and Lincoln Highway in DeKalb in 1944. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.
This Suicide Submarine was captured at Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941. It is shown on display at the corner of Third Street and Lincoln Highway in DeKalb in 1944. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.


November 28, 1888

S.W. Winders has been fixing his dam on the Kishwaukee River southeast of Sycamore, where a large pond will be formed to supply ice to fill his ice house. 

The dehorning of cattle is becoming quite general in this vicinity. The practice is more popular than ever.

Congressman A.J. Hopkins expects to leave next Friday for the last session of the 50th Congress. He thinks the Democratic party has been given its death blow and will never again gain control of national affairs.

The boys on North California Street in Sycamore have formed a joint stock company and are building a toboggan slide.

It is reported that Germans are, to a large extent, replacing black laborers on the sugar plantations in Louisiana.

While a groom in Bridgeport, Conn., was swearing about the tardiness of his bride, she appeared and overheard the remark, but said nothing and turned with him to the altar. When the clergyman asked if she would love, cherish and obey, she said, “Not by a long shot,” and marched out of the church.

Sycamore has a lot of worthless asphalt walks W.C. Hall put down. He got 7 cents a square foot and some he put down three years ago have been torn up this season, having become useless.


November 26, 1913

The Chicago Great Western Railroad certainly provides good train service between Sycamore and Chicago – only 1 and 3/4 hours with no stops.

The new Cox Oxygen Carbon Cleaner for automobile cylinders cleans more thoroughly at a lower cost than the old method of entirely disassembling the engine.

The Chicago and Northwestern railway has discovered it has made an error in the charge for passenger fare between Ashton and Chicago for the last 50 years. The distance charged is 83 miles, while the actual distance is 83.7 miles. Hereafter it will cost 2 cents more for passage between the two cities.

The Malta school has been closed for several days and there were no services in the churches there last Sunday because of smallpox.

William Brown of the state of Durango, Mexico, is visiting his sister near Herbert. He escaped from Mexico after a perilous journey in which his party was attacked by rebels and one of them killed. He expects to return as soon as possible to his home in Durango.

Ottawa police last week picked up a fair wearer of silk petticoats because the dress from out of which an ankle peeped was too daring. When the captive’s hat was removed and long veil lifted, it was discovered the striking dresser was a boy, Fred “Daisy” Linn. He has annoyed stores by ordering high-priced women’s dress and never calling to pick it up. For all his mischief, the boy was sent to the state home at St. Charles.

The deputy state fire marshal of Chicago has instructed the school board that the Cortland school must practice the fire drill, which has been neglected.


November 30, 1938

One of the oldest businesses in Sycamore, the Anderson Hardware Store at 212 W. State St., has changed hands, purchased by R.S. Willey of Chicago. The store was founded in 1873 and has been in continuous existence since that time.

While there remains but one criminal case on the circuit court docket, work is piling up for the next grand jury.

Safe drivers will carry gold chevrons in 1939 for surviving the hazards of a year’s driving without once being involved in an accident. In addition to the chevron citation, 31 insurance companies that belong to the National Bureau of Casualty and Surety Underwriters will return 15 percent of the annual liability policy premium to policy holders with a year of accident-free driving to their credit.

Fire of undetermined origin destroyed the brick school house at Virgil Dist. 81 Wednesday morning.

The city siren in Sycamore will blow at 7 o’clock Dec. 3 as a signal that the pre-holiday season has officially begun. The Yule lights will be turned on, the decorated shop windows unveiled, and Santa will pay his first visit of the year to the city.

An 18-year-old inmate of the St. Charles School for Boys staged a brief furor Wednesday afternoon when he fired several shots from a stolen revolver at school officials and fellow students.

No longer a relic of the Gay Nineties, bicycle production reached a total of more than 1.13 million last year. This increase constitutes a growing traffic hazard.

Believe it or not, the single-service paper container is rapidly coming into general use, and dairymen insist it will not be long before the old-fashioned glass milk bottle is a thing of the past.


November 27, 1963

A flag that once waved over the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. was set over the DeKalb County Courthouse Monday, the day of mourning. Schools were closed, and Sycamore Mayor Harold L. Johnson requested all businesses that could do so without endangering life or health remain closed all day and evening Monday in respect for the national tragedy, the death of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. It is the only means the community had of displaying its shock and sorrow.

The state has launched an extensive program of recruitment of young men ages 22 to 45 interested in immediate employment as guard officers in penal institutions.

A committee of 100 civic leaders from the Wisconsin state line down through Bloomington, Decatur and Vandalia is campaigning for the construction of a interstate-type north-south highway.

– Sycamore True Republican


November 30, 1988

Graduate students in the community health program at NIU are conducting a needs assessment to establish a clearinghouse for those seeking housing in DeKalb County. The effort would be modeled after the DeKalb County Coordinated Child Care program.

– The MidWeek

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