Editor's Note: How early is too early?

So, how early is too early?

In a random and completely unscientific poll on our website,, I asked people last week when they considered it acceptable to see Christmas decorations appear.

Only 38 people took the poll, but of those, 71 percent said not until after Thanksgiving.

The next-highest group wanted to wait even longer: 16 percent said they don’t want to see tinsel before Dec. 1.

A few people have already gotten the ornaments down from storage: 8 percent said mid-November was acceptable, and 5 percent said it was OK to break them out as soon as the jack-o’-lanterns go out.

I, personally, am an “after Thanksgiving” kind of person. I actually would like to wait until Dec. 1, because I also like neat, tidy schedules that don’t vary from year to year, but I have to admit the Thanksgiving weekend tends to offer a convenient time to get everything out. Plus, being in the anything-goes-weatherwise Midwest, there is something to be said for hanging lights and boughs before the snow starts swirling in earnest.

For the first few years we were married, my husband begged me to let him put up the Christmas tree Nov. 1. I don’t know why. I don’t think even he knows why; it was just something he had never done before.

Finally, one year I consented. He happened to be home on vacation the last week of October, and argued there would be no more convenient time. OK, I said. Fine. For this one year only, you can get the decorations out Nov. 1.

I left the house to cover a story, and when I returned, found him and our then-3-year-old gleefully stringing ornaments on the tree, which he had placed prominently in the picture window of the front room.

I might not have minded so much if he had taken the Halloween zombie cutouts down from the window first. I arrived home to find the zombies and monsters looking decidedly less sinister with Santa laughing from behind.

As he promised, that was the one and only year we did that. There have actually been some years since then we didn’t even get to the decorations Thanksgiving weekend; with two family dinners on two different days to get to, plus work and kids and whatnot, that weekend is not always the relaxing chunk of time off it appears to be on the calendar.

In any event, you won’t catch me wishing you a happy holiday too soon. But I will wish you a happy day, and enjoy your MidWeek.

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