Campus Notebook

Students participate in world record stacking challenge

SYCAMORE – Students at Sycamore Middle School will participate in the eighth annual World Sport Stacking Association Stack Up! on Thursday, Nov. 14.

In what Guinness World Records refers to as the “world’s largest sport stacking event,” thousands of people around the world stack pyramids in prescribed patterns at lightning speed for at least 30 minutes. The event is combined with a variety of fitness activities.

Last year, 483,658 stackers worldwide broke the previous year’s record of 412,259. This year’s goal is half a million stackers.

Sport stacking is an exciting sport in which participants “up-stack” and “down-stack” 12 specially-designed cups called Speed Stacks in specific sequences as fast as they can. Stackers race the clock, compete in relays and often combine stacking with fitness challenges.

To take part in the record-setting Stack Up!, schools and organizations were required to register at least 25 stackers with the association. Each participant must complete at least 30 minutes of stacking during Nov. 14. Students at Sycamore Middle School will be participating throughout the school day.

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