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Looking Back: November 13, 2013

This undated photo shows the Owl Lunch Room, on North Sixth Street in DeKalb near the railroad depot. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.
This undated photo shows the Owl Lunch Room, on North Sixth Street in DeKalb near the railroad depot. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.


November 14, 1888

People have already commenced speculating as to the next Sycamore postmaster. Not too fast, gentlemen. Cleveland has only got the tacks out of his carpet. He will not move out until March 4.

There will be a big crowd in Sycamore Thursday evening to give a public expression of satisfaction over the return to power in the state and nation of the GOP. There will be long processions, sumptuous free supper, vocal and instrumental music, lots of noise and a brilliant display of fireworks.

There is some excitement at Genoa over the alleged appearance of a wild man in the woods near Magadore school house.

The Aurora corset factory makes from 300 to 400 dozen corsets per day.

The price of tin has so advanced that lead is largely being used in the manufacture of fruit cans. The danger of this is apparent. ...We should have legislation attaching a heavy penalty for the crime of combining a considerable portion of lead in the manufacture of tin cans.

Belvidere butchers had a meat war last week and cut the price of steaks to 9 cents.

A man who was severely injured in a fight in New York the other day had his wounds photographed so that their extent could be shown in court after they had healed.

Rev. C.A. Johnson announces that in 32 years, the electricity stored in the earth will come in contact with the heated matter inside and blow the whole world up.

Kirkland has a real live policeman now. Mr. Ferguson, of Belvidere, was hired at a salary of $40 a month, and he looks as if he might earn it if the occasion arose.


November 12, 1913

The Sycamore mayor, city attorney and other citizens will form a board of charities, the object being to shut out from the city beggars and to relieve businessmen and others from the constant begging.

Sycamore is one of the best-lighted cities in the state, and the juice is in the lights from twilight til dawn.

There can be no greater folly than to become a pessimist on America’s future. The ills, great as they appear during every panicky season, pass, and their effects have invariably been wiped away by the good things that are sure to come.

Under a new ordinance, no residents of Aurora will be allowed to work on Sunday or keep any place of business open on Sunday, except those who conscientously observe some other day of the week as the Sabbath.


November 16, 1938

The Sycamore city council approved widening West Exchange Street behind the courthouse. The space will be paved at county expense, and used as a parking lot for autos of courthouse officials and employees.

Indications are there will be no criminal trials in the circuit court until States Attorney Latham Castle, who is in the Mayo Clinic at Rochester, Minn., is sufficiently recovered from his illness to try them. There are six trials pending.

Revival of the Sycamore auto show, which was not held this year, probably will be held in the spring of 1939.

German engineers with a great mechanical tradition have developed an automobile it is hoped may be sold to Germans for less than $400. But drivers of automobiles who violate minor laws in Germany are subject to cruel discipline. The offender is not arrested, but his tires are deflated and he is left to his own devices to get going again.

Illinois corn picker accidents in the past two weeks have resulted in three deaths, at least 12 amputated hands and fingers and numerous less-severe injuries.

Operation of private trucks and buses on Illinois streets and highways is threatened by an existing law.

Ground was broken last week on a half acre opposit the new state armory in Sycamore for a gasoline filling station and restaurant.


November 13, 1963

Ordinarily, when a hunter gets a deer in hunting sason it is news, but doesn’t rate its own story. Keith Gerlich is getting special attention, because he is only 8 years old. This “Daniel Boone” of 1963 of northern Illinois shot a 97-pound buck.

The Sycamore board of education has adopted a policy which allows students 21 or older to enroll in the high school as part-time or full-time students, but will require them to pay a tuition fee.

Cyanide has been found in the Kishwaukee River and has been traced to Martin’s Ditch.

Two men described on police radio as armed and dangerous escaped from the Dubuque County jail. At Oregon, they stole a pickup truck and are alleged to have staged a break-in and cracked a safe. The pickup truck was abandoned on Bethany Road south of Sycamore. It is thought they are responsible for stealing a brand-new, unsold, gray Ford Thunderbird with whitewall tires from the Tallitsch Brothers Ford Agency garage on Main Street in Sycamore.

– Sycamore True Republican


November 16, 1988

Irv Kummerfeldt died Saturday doing what he loved best – working with his wife at the Egyptian Theatre.

A dozen demonstrators rallied outside the Home Federal Savings and Loan of Elgin in downtown DeKalb Friday to protest a DeKalb ordinance they said targets the homeless.

– The MidWeek

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