Looking Back

Looking Back: Nov. 6, 2013


November 7, 1888

Sycamore, irrespective of party, can be justly proud of its young ladies’ political clubs, which add a most excellent feature to the campaign.

In many small cities we have been struck by the convenience of drinking fountains. They have been put up in places where many  men will drink at the fountain rather than go to the saloon.

Edwin Booth is the wealthiest actor in this country. He is worth $1 million.

The Beacon says Judge Wilson of Aurora has decided not to admit any Chinese to naturalization.

The latest returns leave no reason to doubt that the Republicans have carried the country and that Gen. Harrison will succeed Mr. Cleveland in the presidency.

The effect of this last election will set back the cause of prohibition for 40 years, but the cause is in the safe hands of its Republican friends.

It is the candid opinion of the True Republican that the Democratic party will never again come into national power. Tuesday’s election sounded its death knell.


November 5, 1913

It is believed a citizen of DeKalb called at three residences on the west end of Sycamore during church time on Sunday, and departed with between $200 and $300 worth of watches, diamonds, jewelry and money.

Eggs are about the scarcest of all commodities in the Sycamore market. Many households have been without eggs for days, none could be obtained at stores on Friday, and the price is soaring skywards.

Eight weeks to Christmas: It is time to buy your Christmas presents.

The man who discovered gasoline has just died at the age of 68. The  man who discovered America has been dead 400 years. John D. Rockefeller, who now owns both, is alive and up and coming.

It has been suggested that all along the Lincoln Highway, the name of the street in each city and village which forms a part of the highway be changed to Lincoln Highway. The Commercial Club of DeKalb is recommending changing the name of Main Street to Lincoln Highway.

Women swarmed to the polls in 25 Illinois municipalities, and with the single exception of Duquoin, dealt savagely with the saloons.


November 9, 1938

Armistice Day 1938 will be a national holiday for the first time.

Two small boys, one 9, the other 10, were caught taking keys from cars parked along State Street in Sycamore. They had taken the keys from nearly 20 cars. They were lectured and turned over to their parents for further discipline.

A daring daylight robbery of a mail pouch containing $13,000 in currency was staged by a lone bandit in Belvidere.

For the last few weeks a train bound through Hampshire at 6:45 a.m. had dumped Hampshire’s mail “on the fly,” so that many sacks fell under the train, were shredded and their contents scattered. Hampshire’s first class mail, parcel post and newspapers are now being delivered through a stop by the midnight train and arriving intact.

Snow flakes added a wintry touch to a cold, gloomy day Tuesday, but in spite of it a cluster of lilacs bloomed in Wheaton.

Several families are enjoying regular pickup of strawberries due to the unusual autumn weather.


November 6, 1963

It seemed like old times Monday afternoon to see former fire chief Charles Butzow riding the fire truck on a run once again. He served as fire chief for Sycamore for about 35 years; Monday he just went along for the ride.

A crowd of 22 grade-school children continued to absorb doughnuts, hot chocolate, taffy apples and popcorn while what appears to be blood dripped from the attic during a Halloween party in Waterman. ...While the group was enjoying snacks, they were startled when “blood” began to drip from a seam of a trap door to the attic. No one had the courage to look, so they all looked at one another and ate at a faster pace.

Several rural break-ins have been reported lately, and they have all the characteristics of the series a year ago that ended with the break-up of a ring of thieves.

Our staff is convinced that Coach Peter Johnson is a genius. He chose the boys to be pictured on our paper’s football booster page earlier in the season. On Tuesday, the coaches of the Little Seven Conference voted selections for the all-conference teams. The 13 boys chosen by the coaches are the same 13 Johnson had picked for our football page.

– Sycamore True Republican


November 9, 1988

Three misdemeanor charges have been dismissed against a local towing company, but the owner still faces a jury trial on three other charges of towing violations as well as charges for code violations.

Anyone who talked to DeKalb Schools Superintendent Jack Deere last week would have noticed his scratchy voice. Seems his throat was strained Halloween night at the Kiwanis Haunted House, where he scared visitors with blood-curdling yells for nearly four hours straight.

– The MidWeek

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