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Looking Back: October 30, 2013

Edward Mayo, fourth from left, showing off carved pumpkins with friends on Oct. 31, 1910. Thanks to the Ellwood House Museum for the photo.
Edward Mayo, fourth from left, showing off carved pumpkins with friends on Oct. 31, 1910. Thanks to the Ellwood House Museum for the photo.


October 31, 1888

It is understood that there are several foreign-born people in this town who have been voting for years without having taken out naturalization papers. This matter is being carefully looked after by the proper authorities.

Young George Kohlburner of Sycamore was seriously burned by Roman candles during the firework display at DeKalb last Wednesday. A number of the candles in his coat pocket ignited and set fire to his clothing. ...The same evening, Monroe Dunham was hit in the eye with a candle and suffers a painful wound.

After a recent hurricane a coral reef 50 feet long, 30 feet wide and 5 feet high appeared in the harbor of Vera Cruz.

A Boston barber, after 60 years of steady work at his trade, has retired from business. In his long and useful career he has shaved about 50,000 men, cut the hair of over 200,000 and made about 327 trillion statements pertaining to the weather, prize fights and baseball.


October 29, 1913

Judge Carnes presided in the circuit court room where some 40 men who had applied to become citizens of the United States were examined. The government has, the last year or two, become particular in regard to the qualifications of prospective voters, and as a result about half of the applicants were rejected. Most of those will be able to comply with the law later, and their applications may be considered again.

George Huber, a well-known citizen of Malta, turned his head suddenly while he was in bed Monday and dislocated his neck. He would have died in a short time if relief had not arrived. They physician with a quick movement jerked the sufferer’s head back into place. He is now all right.

The good roads bee by the people of DeKalb last Friday resulted in 200 volunteers on the job at one time, including business men and professional  men, who spread 146 loads of gravel over a road 30 rods long.

The Chicago, Waukegan & Fox Lake Traction Co. has been ordered to remove its tracks from First Street in Genoa, the franchise having been forfeited and the tracks proving a nuisance.

A large audience saw and heard for the first time in Sycamore Edison’s talking moving pictures at Townsend theater. ...Talking pictures are destined to take a very prominent and lasting part in the entertainment of the people.

The Swedish Lutheran Salem church building in Sycamore is one of the largest and handsomest church buildings in the county, as it should be with one of the largest congregations. The interior is now being made one of the most beautiful in this part of the state. A half a dozen artists are engaged in decorating the auditorium.

The post office at Herbert will be discontinued on Nov. 15. After that date, all mail will be delivered by R.F.D. Carrier J.P. Miller on Route No. 2 from Kingston.

Dr. Healy, the big, handsome young osteopath who spent last summer in Sycamore and became quite a favorite with the ladies, surprised his friends here by his marriage at Kirksville, Mo., where he went about a month ago for his professional studies. It is said the bride is a young widow.


November 2, 1938

Closing of the Sycamore Fargo theater was announced Tuesday morning through notices posted on the door and in the electric sign in the front of the building. The proprietor could not be reached and employees of the theater said they could give no reason why the theater had been closed.

A 14-year-old Genoa girl was received in Sycamore Municipal Hospital Monday after the family car she was driving crashed into the Slater store.

A fiery cross burned at the foot of California Street where it runs into North Avenue in Sycamore shortly before midnight Wednesday. City police and the sheriff’s office have failed to discover the perpetrators of the deed, and both are at a loss to understand what it all means.

About three weeks from now, the public can begin jingling the new Jefferson nickels. The 25-year-old Indian head-buffalo design was discarded this year and a new design commemorating Thomas Jefferson was selected in an art contest.


October 30, 1963

A bomb of considerable power was exploded Sunday shortly after  9 p.m. in the alley between the Sycamore Methodist church and the furniture store of Gullberg and Haines. Authorities believe it to have been a seriously dangerous Halloween prank.

Northern Illinois University, which acquired university status only six years ago, is the state’s fastest-growing university, according to a report on enrollments at 97 Illinois universities and colleges.

Dr. William Thomas spoke to the Sycamore Kiwanis Club on “The Modern Epidemic” – the increased number of heart attacks, particularly coronaries.

The deer hunting season that is scheduled to open Nov. 8 might be called off if the dry weather conditions continue to prevail. Forest and prairie fires are feared because of the tinder-box conditions.

Robert Bollinger of Sycamore will be in charge of a TV program on Rockford’s WREX Channel 13 at noon Saturday. The half-hour program is called “Physical and Mental Fitness Through Gymnastics.”

A public hearing will be held on the proposal to establish a Sycamore Fire District. The purpose is to eliminate the present system of financing rural protection, when the victim of a fire pays a fee whenever firemen answer a rural call.

– Sycamore True Republican


November 2, 1988

According to pre-election financial reports, the candidate for county office who has raised the most money since July is State’s Attorney Philip DiMarzio, who is running on the Republican ticket for circuit court judge.

Although school boards, teachers’ organizations, farm bureaus and Leagues of Women Voters across the state are opposed to the Constitutional convention proposition, two local legislators say the convention is necessary.

– The  MidWeek

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