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Looking Back: October 23, 2013

Northbound Chicago & North Western engine 1622 at the Sycamore Depot in 1937. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.
Northbound Chicago & North Western engine 1622 at the Sycamore Depot in 1937. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.


October 24, 1888

The street running from Somonauk Street to Park Avenue in Sycamore, by the Catholic church, had never been named until at a council meeting the other night. It was given the name of “Waterman Street.”

There is too much political excitement in the air for a calm dealing out of justice, so the jurors on Monday were excused from attendance until the first Monday after the election. Court also adjourned until that date.

Brainard G. Smith of New York is the newspaper man who is to try the experiment of teaching journalism at Cornell University.

Gen. Sherman’s son and Stonewall Jackson’s nephew occupy a desk together in the law office of Sen. Evarts in New York.

Frank James, the ex-robber, has refused an offer of $125,000 and expenses to star three years in a play founded on his experiences.


October 22, 1913

For the first time, the public was invited to visit the Sycamore Municipal Hospital on Friday last, and to say they were delighted with this extensive, substantial, completely appointed structure is to mildly express the feelings of the visitors.

A notable day to the people of Mayfield was the dedication of their very comfortable, newly remodeled Congregational church last Sunday.

It is certain that the invention of Thomas A. Edison of the talking moving pictures would be pronounced one of the seven wonders of the world. The wizard’s latest and generally-conceded most wonderul invention, the Talking Moving Picture, will be exhibited in a splendid program at Townsend Theater in Sycamore on Friday. Not the usual moving pictures; the laughing, talking, singing motion pictures make the pictured actors appear real.

The state board of health has ordered an investigation at Rockford to trace, possible, the cause of the epdemic of typhoid fever there.

Diphtheria still prevails at DeKalb. Eight homes were under quarantine early this week, and one was released from quarantine.

The sharp divergence between the governments of the United States and Great Britain in regard to Mexico is regarded as one of the most significant developments in the  Mexican situation and is likely to have far-reaching results.

Fourteen bodies have been removed and 22 men found alive by rescuers working the Stag Canon coal mine in New Mexico, where an explosion entombed the day shift, numbering from 230 to 280 men.


October 26, 1938

Otto Peterson narrowly escaped injury on the Charter Grove railroad crossing, when the rear of his automobile was struck by a fast-flying westbound passenger train. Although the car was wrecked, the driver feels no pain and has nothing more serious than a few minor contusions.

High school athletes should be given a heart and chest examination, including X-ray pictures, before being permitted to compete in strenuous physical sports, the Illinois Tuberculosis Association states.

Tear gas placed in the safe of the Farmers Grain and Lumber Co. office safe at Esmond foiled a would-be burglar Tuesday night.

Preparations are being made by Sycamore officials to suppress exuberant youth this Hallowe’en, should they become to obstreperous. ...Some youth, taking time by the forelock, have already begun to soap windows. One has gone so far as to write his sentiments in French.

Hubert Ross, 24, of Yorkville, serving an indeterminate sentence of one to 20 years in the state penitentiary, is seeking parole. Ross was arrested in DeKalb County for the theft of an automobile, but while awaiting trial accompanied Francis Farthing of Cortland on a jail break expedition that took them as far as Hiawatha, Kan., where, tired and hungry, they surrendered to the sheriff of that county.


Oct. 23, 1963

Sycamore’s second annual Halloween Pumpkin Festival, sponsored by the Sycamore Lions Club, will be rewarded with an appearance on a TV show, and in color, too. Two of the children whose pumpkin exhibits are deemed worthy will be chosen Sunday evening, Oct. 27, to appear on the Top O’ The  Morning WGN-TV program in color on Monday morning, Oct. 28.

The demand has been so great, following national publicity, for a booklet on the preschool child that the booklet will be revised and republished. The booklet was written by Dr. Marguerite O’Connor, a Northern Illinois University education professor, and three Sycamore kindergarten teachers, Mrs. Lucille Peterson, Mrs. Marcia Raymond and Miss Marjorie Peterson, all NIU graduates.

The Sycamore Halloween Pumpkin Festival will begin with a parade made up entirely different from that for high school homecoming. There will be few, if any, floats, but there may be some nerve-shattering costumes designed to scare the wits out of the timid or bring tummy-wobbling laughter.

The NIU soccer team had a new experience and won two games in succession, which helps mute the gloomy reports of three previous defeats.

– Sycamore True Republican


Oct. 26, 1988

The first step to forming a DeKalb County chapter of the Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities in Illinois was taken last week when the executive director of the statewide organization spoke to a large group of DeKalb County citizens. The group included those with disabilities and leaders of agencies and organizations that provide services for the disabled.

– The MidWeek

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