Celebrate with creepy-crawly critters

SYCAMORE – Test drive your Halloween costume at the Midwest Museum of Natural History’s Creepy Crawly Halloween Party, from 6 to 8 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 26. Admission is $6 per person for members and $8 for nonmembers.

Guests can trick-or-treat through the decorated museum, enjoying games along the way. Explore the Grossology Lab, where guests can watch dissection demonstrations, dig into owl pellets, and make models of animal scat. Have your picture taken with live creepy crawlies, including snakes, turtles, bugs, and lizards, and visit with tarantula experts Kathleen and Art Schamne, who will bring along tarantulas of all sizes and colors.

“Our goal is to educate people so that they may have a better understanding of tarantulas,” Kathleen Schamne said. “Art always wanted a tarantula and I thought just one would be OK. Well, a week later it turned into to two. Still not bad. Five years ago, I established a limit of 15. Now, the collection has grown to over 150!”  

All proceeds benefit the museum, a nonprofit organization. For more information, visit

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