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Looking Back: Oct. 9, 2013

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Children carve pumpkins at the Mayo home, First Street and Lincoln Highway in DeKalb, on Halloween 1910. Thanks to the Ellwood House Museum for the photo.
Photo provided Children carve pumpkins at the Mayo home, First Street and Lincoln Highway in DeKalb, on Halloween 1910. Thanks to the Ellwood House Museum for the photo.


October 10, 1888

The forests at present are most beautiful in their bright dress of crimson, green and gold. Old Jack Frost with his icy finger has touched the emerald landscape, and in its last withering days it is the brightest.

A fine-looking lot of men were the company of 26 stalwart Swedish citizens of DeKalb who came to Sycamore in a body Tuesday, with banners flying, to take out their final naturalization papers. They are, for the great part, employees of the barb-wire factories at DeKalb.

A few days ago, William Trafford could take pride in a nice lot of 200 celery plants, but Friday night some evil-disposed persons stole large quantities of the celery and destroyed what they could not carry off.

That bald-headed chestnut, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” is to be again inflicted upon a Sycamore audience. It is an old play, worn threadbare, but has such a hold upon the people a troupe never fails to secure a full house whenever it is given.


October 8, 1913

Leaping through a car window, Jack Randall, a barber, attempted on Monday to escape from Chief of Police James Scott to avoid the charges of robbing Bert Strethers’ jewelry store at DeKalb. Randall was as good a barber as ever plied his trade at DeKalb, but according to police he is several things besides.

The Belvidere board of education voted unanimously last week to support the superintendent in the legal controversy precipitated by a father who swore out a warrant for him for whipping the man’s son. The board endorsed the action of the superintendent in the interest of good discipline and school government.

Two well-known citizens of Sycamore drove in an automobile to the country and gathered a big bag of nuts while the owner of the land watched from a distance. When the bag was full and they were ready to depart, the owner appeared and made them deliver the nuts to the farmer’s door.

The Illinois Rivers and Harbors Commission is making a vigorous campaign against the cities along the Fox River for polluting the water and endangering life and health.

Robert Bangs has made aeroplane flights, but he has concluded he will give them up and remain on terra firma.


October 12, 1938

When attorney Samuel J. Stephens warned a jury last week they were as guilty as the defendant if they had shaved themselves that morning, the good men and true believed him. They acquitted Harold Wilkinson of barbering without a state certificate.

The Sycamore mayor and city council paid a debt of gratitude the community owes the Townsend family, when Charles B. Townsend was named to the hospital board and Mrs. Thomas H. Roberts was named to the library board, to fill vacancies caused by the death of their father, Frederick B. Townsend, who held positions on both boards at the time of his death.

Columbus Day, generally observed throughout the United States as a holiday, will not be an occasion of public celebration in Sycamore. The bank will be closed, but public schools, city offices, the public library and the courthouse will remain open all day.

More than 16 percent of the price of an average motion picture ticket is due to 41 federal and 20 state and local taxes.

With summer over and winter fast approaching, a number of people are erecting modern garages to house their autos. The day is gone when the old barn was considered good enough for the automobile of the day.

City and village clerks in Illinois were the first public officials to receive drivers license request blanks. Applicants are not required to send his or her photograph for a license.


October 9, 1963

If Sycamore voters approve the referendum next Tuesday, a new combination bath house and concession stand will be started this fall at Sycamore Park. The present wooden bath house is not only too small, its decay has been hastened by the chemical effect of the chlorine.

Ill luck was rather harsh with the Lawsons of Genoa Sunday. While Mrs. Lawson was on her way to visit her husband in a hospital in Belvidere, she was injured in an auto accident and was taken to Sycamore hospital.

Four reports were made to authorities last Tuesday of a man in a car in Waterman, indecently exposed, inviting children into his car. The car has not been located.

Willard Johnson informed police his place had been broken into Sunday afternoon or evening. The thief or thieves took 15-20 pounds of beef, three loaves of bread, two packages of buns and a cake.

About 2 a.m. Tuesday, Shabbona Police Chief Lloyd Milligan was awakened by a noise but decided not to investigate. That was an error. When he went to his car about 6:30 that morning, he found all the oil drained out of it, the radio aerial broken and all four hub caps gone.

– Sycamore True Republican


October 12, 1988

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra, on Oct. 20, will perform  a contemporary piece composed by Sycamore resident Shulamit Ran.

Northern Illinois University faculty garnered a total of $11.8 million in outside financial support in the past year.

– The MidWeek

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