DeKalb County Snapshot

2013 Art Walk

Work by more than 60 local artists was on display at 16 venues across DeKalb and Sycamore Sept. 28 for the sixth annual Art Walk sponsored by the Art Attack School of Art in Sycamore.

Local artists also demonstrated their craft at locations around the two cities. Sunshine and mild temperatures allowed some to work out in the open, drawing interest from passers-by.

Pam Bradford of Kirkland painted a forest landscape while standing in a very different location herself: facing the business facades of downtown Sycamore. Bradford and fellow painter Larry Bond of Sycamore painted on easels set up on the sidewalk along the State Street business district. Despite the noise of both pedestrian and vehicle traffic behind her, Bradford said she had no difficulty concentrating on her work.

“I just get kind of lost in what I’m doing, so I don’t really even notice,” she said, even as a large truck hissed to a loud stop at the traffic signal behind her.

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