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Looking Back: Sept. 11, 2013

Photo provided
The DeKalb High School football team in 1899. Thanks to the Ellwood House Museum for the photo.
Photo provided The DeKalb High School football team in 1899. Thanks to the Ellwood House Museum for the photo.


September 12, 1888

The Irish were always a curse to England until they were evicted from Ireland and sent to America to vote with the Democratic party.

William Shamns, aged 27, of Spring Valley, and Mary P. Riley, aged 26, of Malta, have been given legal authority to take upon themselves the joys and sorrows of the connubial state. (Ed. note: They were granted a marriage license.)

For the 16th consecutive year, Chicago opened up its great Inter-State Industrial Exposition, replete with the best products of science, industry and art. The immense structure is laden to its fullest capacity with the finest and most magnificent exhibits ever displayed, from almost every quarter of the civilized world.


September 13, 1913

The Rev. Thomas Taylor, former pastor of the Methodist church, is still missing. He has not been heard from since he suddenly disappeared more than six weeks ago. Mrs. Taylor has gone to Chicago to work as a practical nurse. She has placed two of her children in the Methodist Orphan Home at Lake Bluff and has her oldest son with her.

To say the Kirklanders were robbed of their 17th straight victory when they played at Genoa last Sunday would be putting it in the mildest form. Score 5 to 6.

Since there had been no rain worth mentioning for some six weeks, it was thought it surely would not rain last Thursday, on the biggest day of the Sandwich Fair. However, rain set in about 10 o’clock and continued most of the day, and it was very disagreeable.

People in the northeast part of Sycamore have been troubled at long-separated periods of time for many years by ghosts and apparitions. There is again consternation in that neighborhood. The apparition appears after dark. Some have reported it near Justice Mitchell’s barn. Some of the braver inhabitants of the neighborhood propose to go after the object appearing in such questionable shape, but in the meantime the wanderer from the mystic realm is serving the good purpose of keeping the girls at home nights.

Another Zeppelin airship was in trouble in an incident in which two soldiers lost their lives and the difficulty of handling this type of air craft was again demonstrated.

Hinckley High School was placed on the accredited list last week by employing a third teacher, an achievement which meets with the favor of every pupil and patron and the public at large.

Fond mothers and proud fathers will rejoice on learning the boys at Sycamore High School have decided not to continue football this fall. The boys are hoping for a good basketball team and will start cross-country running this week as preparation for the basketball season.


September 14, 1938

Federal agents have found 200 acres of marijuana weed growing in DeKalb County. It is the intention of the government to eradicate these weeds, which are used in the manufacture of “reefers,” a cigarette smoked largely by criminals. The government has made them hard to get and their price high.

One reason why they have to enlarge asylums is because the bread-winners of today also have to earn the price of gasoline.

The sheriff set a trap at a garage in Sandwich that had been losing money from its safe from time to time, and Clarence Roche was obliging enough to walk into it.

Several hundred people gathered at the Great Western station in Sycamore Wednesday night to see the train carrying President Roosevelt from Rochester, Minn., east. ...The lights turned out just before the train pulled out, and the president peered out and waved his hand. Those who caught a glimpse of the nation’s chief executive felt repaid for their wait.


September 11, 1963

Dr. D.M. Fowler, Sycamore veterinarian, has established a reward fund of $100 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of person or persons abandoning pets along the highways.

Downtown Sycamore will be an exciting area Friday, Sept. 13, as merchants stage their ninth annual sidewalk sale. ...Creating an atmosphere of excitement will be pennants and streamers throughout the business district. A public address system will waft music into the air, and if possible, there will be one or two strolling musicians. ...Organizations such as local churches have provided in outdoor food services for these sidewalk events for years.

The Sycamore Junior Woman’s Club gave $300 in new trees to replace those dead and replaced beauties of shade in Sycamore Community Park that were stricken by Dutch elm disease.

St. Mary’s will serve a beef dinner Sept. 15 on the church and school grounds. The dinner will be packed with the vitamins needed to battle the coming zero weather and snow.

– Sycamore True Republican


September 14, 1988

As the year 2000 approaches, DeKalb County families will find child and parent day care needs ever more pressing, while at the workplace and on the farm, automation will change the nature of tasks and ultimately the nature of the marketplace.

DeKalb and Sycamore post offices will resume Thursday afternoon window hours, which were eliminated last February, when post office hours all over the country were reduced.

A new study indicates a student athlete at Northern Illinois University is more likely to graduate from NIU than the average student.

Shirley Full hit a hole-in-one on No. 8 at Ellwood Greens, the same hole her husband, Don, aced 11 years ago.

– The MidWeek

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