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Looking Back: Sept. 4, 2013

A DeKalb–Sycamore Interurban car barn at North Fourth and Locust streets in DeKalb is shown in 1912. This lot was later the location of the Mike Mooney Auto Sales show lot. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.
A DeKalb–Sycamore Interurban car barn at North Fourth and Locust streets in DeKalb is shown in 1912. This lot was later the location of the Mike Mooney Auto Sales show lot. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.


September 5, 1888

Bring anything and everything that will help make a display at the Fair. The Fair is for the people, and the better the display, the better the satisfaction all around.

Hon. Joseph Fifer, the next governor of Illinois, will address an immense mass meeting of the people of DeKalb County on Sept. 19. Other candidates for state offices are expected to be present. The political situation will be intelligently discussed. Everybody is cordially invited to participate.

The routine work of the teachers’ institute last week was varied by an elopement. Miss Catherine Farley of Malta turned her back forevermore upon the perplexities of the school room and became Mrs. Thos. Quinn of South Grove, much against the wishes of her parents and friends. We hope the fair Kate may never regret her action.

Somebody entered the summer kitchen on the West farm the night before the farmers’ picnic and stole the Deacon’s best boots.

With Edison’s new phonograph, tubes are fitted to printers’ ears and connected to the instrument. The phonograph talks into the printer’s ears, and when these are full he stops the machine by pedal arrangement until he has transformed the words into type. The next step will be to connect the tubes with subscribers’ ears and dispense with the printed paper entirely.

John Londergan, who has been conducting a fruit stand here, has sold out to an Italian.

A young lady of LaSalle recently stepped into a store and in an absent-minded sort of way asked for a sponge bath – a bath sponge was what she wanted. The clerk fainted and she slid out, and is now confined with a severe case of mortification.


September 6, 1913

Visitors to the Sandwich Fair will note many changes in the way of improvements, one of which is the beautiful new amphitheater with a seating capacity of 3,000 people. The association has arranged the program this year so that there will be something doing every minute.

Sycamore public schools started Tuesday with over 700 pupils enrolled. The high school has the largest beginning enrollment in its history with 160 pupils.

Ray Helsdon suffered painful bruises, but considers himself lucky that he escaped with his life when he fell from a freight train on which he was brakeman. He attempted to board it when it had attained high speed.

Chicago has a problem worthy of her. Shall the new women police be called policewomen, policeladies or copettes?

Highway commissioners have been employing a gas-engine tractor to grade and shape the Charter Grove road preparatory to laying gravel. It has proven quite a saving over horses, and the work is better.

A carload of convicts from Joliet began work this week on a road near Grand Detour, where they will live in camp. They are without stripes or chains and with only two guards who are unarmed. It is an experiment which will be watched with interest.


September 7, 1938

In order to increase the checks paid to recipients of old-age pensions, a weeding-out process is being inaugurated. By cutting out those with $2,500 in realty property, $200 in cash assets or relatives able to care for them, the state expects to have sufficient funds to increase checks to other recipients.

DeKalb County won the third annual farm sports festival, which attracted approximately 30,000 spectators to the University of Illinois Saturday.

Lack of patronage caused the closing of the park swimming pool for the season Monday. It was originally intended to keep the pool open until Sept. 11, but park authorities decided there was not sufficient demand.

Charles Couch, stellar Sycamore High School football lineman for three years and all-Little 19 Conference tackle during the two years he played on the Northern Illinois State Teachers’ College team, has gone east for a tryout with the Brooklyn Dodgers, gridiron team of the national professional football league.

Application was made by county authorities to the WPA district office this week for approval of a countywide secondary road project to rebuild 200 miles of roads, which will give employment to many men.


September 4, 1963

A 68-year-old farmer of Cortland Township was beaten by a complete stranger last Thursday afternoon. He was crowded off the highway by the stranger; when he stepped from his car to ask for an explanation he never had a chance. The stranger knocked him down and proceeded to kick and stomp on him. ...It is thought probable there was a case of mistaken identity involved.

A thief or thieves has stolen gasoline from buses owned by and parked near the Bethany Baptist Church on Bethany Road.

Marlyn Majorettes marched and twirled their batons to new glory over the holiday weekend, taking nine first places in several shows and contests. It was one of the greatest weekends in corps history.

– Sycamore True Republican


September 7, 1988

Despite commitments from the city of DeKalb, local banking institutions and other private sources, Northern Illinois University was unable to put together the long-term financial resources needed to purchase the Wurlitzer property on Gurler Road, which it had hoped to develop into a research and industrial park. The property is back on the market.

– The MidWeek

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