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Looking Back: Aug. 21, 2013


August 18, 1888

Floyd Givens was injured quite severely in a threshing machine this week, being caught in such a way that he was carried three times around the tumbling rod.

W.H. Corey’s horse ran away last Monday and stirred up things lively; he was tied on Main Street and broke loose. When caught, the buggy was overturned and he was turned around in the harness, facing the carriage. The harness and buggy were damaged.

As we write, the word comes that “Alex” Sherlock is dying. For a number of days he has been unconscious. Alas, poor “Alex,” he will be missed by nearly everyone in our city. Without enemies, everyone felt kindly toward him.

Farmers and others had better refuse under any circumstance to sign any kind of paper presented by a stranger. In very many cases, signatures obtained under plausible pretexts are to the signers a very dearly bought bit of experience.

The weather-wise say that the first peep of the katydids was heard on the evening of Aug. 2, and straightaway prophesy that we will have frost on Sept. 13.


August 21, 1913

The fire demon seems to still pursue DeKalb; last night about five o’clock the fire company was called to fight a fire on West Main Street. A barn facing the Prentice property had in some mysterious way caught fire.

A three-column picture of George Pierce, the southpaw boy of Shabbona, appeared in the Chicago Examiner this morning. Pierce is doing great work with the Cubs.

Several major league baseball managers are recommending that the system of sliding feet first be abandoned and the old style of sliding to bases head first be revived, provided the base runners are supplied with rubber sliding gloves to prevent spiking. So many men are injured each year in sliding that serious losses result to the game.

The reason the shoe clerk never asks a woman what size shoe she wears is because it is easier for him to measure her foot than to argue with her.

Work has been started on the new Catholic church and parsonage at Maple Park, and it is expected that the buildings will be completed in December. The church and parish residence will cost about $18,000.

Nearly every store and business house in town will be closed for the big White Sox baseball game, Thursday, Aug. 28, between the hours of 2:30 to 5 p.m.


August 20, 1938

Howard Hughes made another mark today after a record-breaking flight from Los Angeles to New York in his already famous round-the-world transport plane. Hughes completed the trip in 10 hours, 32 minutes and 20 seconds, according to computations of his navigator.

Robert Long, who has established a reputation of being a spiritualist of considerable ability, will be conferring with the spirits from a cell in the DeKalb County jail for some weeks to come. Long landed in jail for presenting worthless checks.

Europe suffered a series of sharp setbacks today in her struggle with war worries.

The long-needed addition to the crowded Sycamore High School came an important step nearer an actuality Saturday when Sycamore voters approved the construction and the $45,000 bond issue.

There is a movement on foot to change the name of the Sycamore Municipal Hospital to the Townsend Memorial Hospital, after the death of Frederick B. Townsend. Not only would it be a fine memorial to the late president of the board, but also to his mother, by whose gift of her home the hospital was made possible.

Authorities are investigating an alleged discovery of marijuana weed near Sycamore. Considerable agitation has been stirred up over the alleged use of the weed for cigarettes.

It is expected that mixups of newborn babies will be easier to prevent with a new method of identification in hospitals. A baby’s initials are “branded” upon her by a soft violet ray which harmlessly suntans the letters onto her skin. The mother is similarly branded. The process is safe and painless, and the initials last about two weeks.

Police raided the bathing beach at Stoelpchensee Lake near Berlin today and arrested 99 Jews who were unable to identify themselves.


Aug. 21, 1963

The army, acting under martial law, clamped a tight grip on South Viet Nam today to enforce harsh restrictions designed to wipe out Buddhist opposition to the government of President Ngo Dinh Diem.

Soviet Premier Nikita S. Khrushchev urged the socialist nations today to work out a program of cooperation which he called the best way of out-producing capitalists.

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. said there may be “a terrible race riot” in Birmingham, Ala, unless persons responsible for recent bombings are brought to justice.

Scotland Yard appeared to be closing in today on the gang responsible for the great mail train robbery that carried off history’s biggest cash theft exactly two weeks ago.

– DeKalb Daily Chronicle


August 24, 1988

DeKalb’s Del Monte Corporation will receive a special award Friday for service “above and beyond the call of duty,” Corn Fest general chairman Pat LaVigne has announced.

In addition to the customary 756 and 758 telephone prefixes for the DeKalb exchange, customers of Contel of Illinois, Inc., will begin to see a new 748 prefix.

– The MidWeek

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