Building resumes in Reston Ponds

SYCAMORE – After slow progress since the 2009 economic downturn, Shodeen Homes is reopening their sales office in the Reston Ponds subdivision, along with their faith in the Sycamore housing market. 

Shodeen Homes will reopen their sales office at Reston Ponds this month and continue developing the Sycamore subdivision, according to a news release. They plan to build and market new homes in the area, including a new ranch home currently under construction that will open in November.

Nathan Amidon, sales manager of Shodeen Homes, said the company is excited to resume building in Sycamore.

“Based on our significant sales at our Mill Creek community in Geneva, we have great confidence in the Sycamore market now that the housing market is heating up,” Amidon said in a news release. 

Based on the current trends, the city expects to finish the year with 20 to 25 new home building permits issued, Sycamore City Manager Brian Gregory said. 

“Shodeen Homes’ belief that demand has increased in the Sycamore housing market is consistent with what the city has been seeing,” Gregory said. 

Reston Ponds, which is near Somonauk Street and Becker Place, was approved in an annexation agreement 11 years ago, Gregory said. The original owner of the property was Wiseman-Hughes Enterprises, Inc. Shodeen acquired the property in 2009. 

Activity came to a halt in the subdivision as the housing market nose-dived, and some residents complained about upkeep of vacant lots in the subdivision.

Sycamore Mayor Ken Mundy said he was glad to see any building activity in the city.  The developments will not only benefit the developers and residents, but also local workers such as plumbers, bricklayers and electricians, he said. 

“We always champion people staying home and finding work here,” Mundy said.

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