Hobson honored with Breastfeeding Friendly Award

DeKALB – Paula Hobson, MD, obstetrician/gynecologist at DeKalb Clinic and member of the KishHealth System medical staff since 2009, was honored with one of the Chicago Area Breastfeeding Coalition’s 2013 Breastfeeding-Friendly Awards.

The coalition gives Breastfeeding-Friendly Awards to recognize primary-care providers, physicians and nurse-practitioners nominated by the families they serve or their colleagues for ongoing support of breast-feeding. Five awards were given to Chicago-area physicians who have a special interest in educating patients about the benefits of breast-feeding and supporting mothers who wish to breast-feed.

“I believe breast-feeding is usually the healthiest way to nourish and mother a baby,” Hobson said. “It has far less environmental impact than formula feeding. It is nice to meet with other health professionals who support and promote breast-feeding and to keep informed of the latest information available on all aspects of breast-feeding.”

KishHealth System is in the process of becoming “Baby- Friendly,” which includes support for breast-feeding mothers. With the addition of its Breastfeeding Center and trained professionals who help new mothers succeed in breast-feeding, the health system is proud to have physicians like Hobson who are proponents of breast-feeding. Hobson is one of several members of the health system’s medical staff who will participate in a panel discussion on the Baby-Friendly Initiative from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 13, at Kish Hospital’s Roberts Conference Center.

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