Library show proves Sycamore’s got talent

SYCAMORE – Not only was Rebekah Webster competing against her family, in a way, she was also competing against herself.

Rebekah, 15, performed in two different categories in the 14-to-18 age group at Sycamore Public Library’s annual talent show July 24. She played a Beethoven sonata on piano and performed with her family in Tumbling to Original Music, written by her 18-year-old brother, Benjamin.

If she won as an individual, she could keep all of the prize money, she noted; if her family won, she’d have to split it with her five siblings. The winner of each age group got $25 and the best of show won $50.

Sisters Rebecca Hungerford, 15, and Paula O’Neil, 3, sang a duet to win the 14-to-18 category, but Rebekah tied with her family for best of show. It was the third year in a row the family won.

Winners in the other age groups were Jordan Reyman, 6, who won the 7-and-younger bracket with a magic act; Kayla Carrol, 10, whose dance performance won in the ages 8-to-10 bracket; and Zane Waddell, 11, and Mason Waddell, 12, whose “Sesame Street” skit using a cardboard car won in the 11-to-12 age bracket.

Jordan’s mother, Jessica Reyman, said her daughter’s interest in magic peaked when they saw a Harry Houdini program at the library last year. “She asked for a magic kit at Christmas and was a magician for Halloween,” she said. “She practices with her Uncle Michael.”

In all, 22 youngsters performed 14 acts. There were four singers, four dancers and four musicians. Half of the entries were in the 11-to-12 age group.

“I was nervous at first,” Emani Brinkman, 13, said about singing “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele. “I really like Adele and it sounded like a good beat for the talent show.”

“I’ve never seen ‘Chicago,’” 11-year-old Rachel Akers said, before performing “Roxie” from the 2003 Oscar-winning film. “But I have seen this part, and it’s awesome.”

Possibly the cutest act was Hungerford and O’Neil,who sang Miley Cyrus’ “I Miss You.” Hungerford had wanted to perform the song since last year, their mother, Tammy O’Neil, said.

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