Council seat open after alderman resigns

Sycamore Mayor Ken Mundy (left) thanks Alderman Gary Waight for his service to the city council. Waight is resigning to spend more time with family.
Sycamore Mayor Ken Mundy (left) thanks Alderman Gary Waight for his service to the city council. Waight is resigning to spend more time with family.

SYCAMORE — Gary Waight, who has served for two years as a Sycamore alderman, is leaving the City Council.

Living closer to his six grandchildren holds stronger appeal for Waight than continuing on as the First Ward alderman for the city. He is moving to Naperville and said at this stage in his life, he wanted to be able to take time off and not feel guilty about missing important city meetings.

“I think if you take on a job like this, you got to be able to do your homework and come to the meetings and be responsive to the people in your ward,” Waight said.

Waight received recognition at the July 15 City Council meeting for the service he provided since being elected in April 2011. Sycamore Mayor Ken Mundy said First Ward residents have been served well.

“He has championed sidewalks, sidewalk repairs and safe foot traffic in not only his ward but also in his city,” Mundy said. 

The First Ward, which is on the east side of Sycamore, is the oldest in the city and the one in need of sidewalk and street repairs, Waight said. His attention to sidewalk issues is something he hopes the people remember him for. 

The city council has a strong membership and good mix of people, he said. The city officials are concerned about the life of the city and care for the community there, he said.

“I think this city is in really good hands from the leadership right on down to the departments,” Waight said. 

Waight said he would miss Sycamore.

“I wish we could take our house in Naperville and move it 35 miles east because we have some really nice neighbors,” he added.

Waight’s term ends April 30, 2015. With Waight leaving, the mayor has 60 days to fill that aldermanic seat. Candidates need to have resided in the First Ward for at least a year, be qualified to vote in Sycamore, not have tax debt or owe debt to the city, and not have a felony conviction. 

Mundy said he was consulting with Sycamore City Manager Brian Gregory and Alan Bauer, who also represents the First Ward, on the replacement. The selection will be a team effort, with the mayor appointing a new alderman with advice and consent of the city council, Mundy said.

“Hopefully it will be somebody who is familiar with how the city operates and wants to see the good service that Ald. Waight has provided,” Mundy said.

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Applicants are being sought to complete the unexpired term of the First Ward alderman. Applicants must have lived in the ward for one year or more, be qualified to vote in Sycamore, have no tax debt or debt to the city, and can have no felony convictions. Those interested in completing the term or learning more about the office can call Mayor Ken Mundy at 815-895-4517.

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