Workshop on keeping your balance

On your summer vacation, will you be climbing narrow stairs, or stairs without railings? Stepping on and off buses and trains, or standing in buses and trains while they are moving? Walking on cobblestones, grass or hills?

These are all scenarios that we may encounter while on vacation and all of them depend upon our balance to perform them safely. Our sense of balance can diminish as we age. Even a subtle change in our body’s ability to maintain balance can put us at risk for falls and injuries. Join physical therapist Liz Stephenson from Creative Therapeutics at 7 p.m. Tuesday, July 23 at the DeKalb Public Library to learn how our body keeps us balanced, what factors cause us to begin to lose our balance and strategies to help improve balance.

For more information, contact Edith Craig at 815-756-9568, ext. 260 or There is no registration required to attend this free event.

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