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Looking Back: July 10, 2013

Prather Speedway, a half-mile dirt track, operated at Seaman and North Fifteenth streets in DeKalb from 1949 to 1950. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.
Prather Speedway, a half-mile dirt track, operated at Seaman and North Fifteenth streets in DeKalb from 1949 to 1950. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.


July 11, 1888

The south Sycamore creamery is now receiving 9,500 pounds of milk daily, the largest amount the factory has ever received.

John Filweber adopted a New York juvenile a few weeks ago. The juvenile adopted $108 of Mr. Filweber’s money and departed.

Miss Mary A. Rice, who recently graduated from the department of pharmacy of the Kansas State University, is the first lady in that state to receive a license permitting her to put up prescriptions.

President Seelye of Amherst College is gifted with a remarkable memory. He is able to greet by name every living graduate of the college whom he has ever met, and freshmen who have not been in college a week are surprised to hear the president address them by their first names.

There is sorrow in the hearts of the veteran croquet players who were wont to frequent the grounds of court house park. The board of supervisors has prohibited further playing there.


July 9, 1913

Dr. Ovitz of Genoa and Dr. Wright of DeKalb were recently in Rochester, Minn., studying the methods of the Drs. Mayo.

President Wilson is determined to go into matters of foreign relations himself, and until he can find the time to give them serious study, is unwilling that anything whatsoever shall be done with them by his secretary of state. He has practically issued an order to the state department that the White House be not worried with matters of foreign relations ... until Congress is safely out of the way.

Floods of water blown before a wind that attained a velocity of some 50 miles an hour prostrated and broke trees and scattered limbs all over Sycamore on Tuesday afternoon. Corn was laid flat for miles around and the heavy crop of oats was prostrated. Lightning did much damage. The rain amounted to 1.91 inches, and was of great benefit.

The Clare base ball team again defeated the Esmond boys in a game on Sunday. The game was quite one-sided, so we will not mention the score.

The 122-acre farm near Genoa that Fremont Paulson bought last May for $135 an acre was sold last week to Otto Schwalish for $145. Guess Fremont can buy an auto now if he wants to.

F.C. Binkley of Sycamore has a farm on the Eagle River chain of lakes in northern Wisconsin. He has for rent summer cottages and will furnish his patrons with produce, Jersey milk and cream, and eggs and poultry.

Five soldiers are reported killed and a half-dozen hamlets and towns await their salvation or doom with the morning breeze, while the fire which swept Mount Tamalpais in California for three days is reaching toward the plains and vineyards of the north and Muir Woods national park to the south.


July 16, 1938

Infinite detail is imposed on school boards in DeKalb County by the new municipal budget law, which requires each school board to hold a public hearing on the budget it proposes to adopt, although these boards have a right to adopt any budget that seems to meet their requirements.

A relic dear to the hearts of the congregation of St. John’s Lutheran church, the bell which rang for so many years in the old building, was taken down and stored for Paul A. Nehring. The bell will be kept as a memento of the old church.

Sycamore’s new armory will be completed and ready for dedication by Sept. 1.

Wheat is going up but the price of wild oats will always remain the shame.

John Henry Seadlund, kidnapper and slayer of Charles Ross, wealthy retired Chicago greeting card manufacturer, was electrocuted in the Cook County jail Thursday morning. Seadlund was the first federal prisoner ever to be electrocuted in the Cook County jail.

All postmasters in the United States are required to get proof that all of their employees are American citizens. ...Naturalized citizens may continue on duty pending acceptance of his or her proof of citizenship, but should be paid no salary until such evidence is acceptable to the postmaster.


July 12, 1963

The Coultrip School in the Somonauk area was dissolved as a school June 30. It is one of the last rural school districts to be closed as affecting any DeKalb County children. Economically it was sound; its closing is caused by a recent act of the state legislature.

What is believed to be the first instance of purse snatching in Sycamore history took place early this week, but the case is solved. A child filled a purse with peanuts for squirrels and placed the purse on the sidewalk and was looking for some of the little rodents when the purse disappeared. Later it was deduced by the local crime lab that a squirrel had absconded with the purse, removed the contents (peanuts) and returned the purse.

– Sycamore True Republican


July 13, 1988

Although the former Wurlitzer corporate headquarters on Gurler Road is being purchased by Northern Illinois University for a research and development park, its property taxes will not be lost to the community, a university official has assured.

A preliminary audit of the 1987-88 fiscal year shows the DeKalb School District will reduce its debt by more than $1.1 million.

Despite the prolonged drought, the water table in northern Illinois is probably in good shape at least for public water supplies.

The recent announcement that 26 adults were arrested over a nine-month period in DeKalb County for drug trafficking, mostly in cocaine, “is just the tip of the iceberg,” says DeKalb Police Sgt. Chuck Kross.

– The MidWeek

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