Workshop on farming with fewer fertilizers

SYCAMORE – Regional farm advisers will present practices to cut traditional inputs while retaining and increasing yields at a workshop from 8:30 a.m. to noon Wednesday, July 10, at the DeKalb County Farm Bureau, 1350 W. Prairie Drive in Sycamore.

The combination of last year’s drought and this year’s heavy rains is loading the Mississippi River with possibly more unused nitrogen and phosphorus than ever before, which could lead to new restrictions on farms.

“This situation cannot help relieve pressure farmers have been under for years to reduce fertilizer use,” said Matt Van Slyke, organizer of the event. “Farmers and landowners are unwise to sit on the sidelines while others have started farming more biologically, not so much because they fear input restrictions, but because doing so is simply more profitable and environmentally sustainable.”

Topics to be discussed at the workshop include use of biosolids, live biological inputs, and cover cropping.

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