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Looking Back: July 3, 2013

Esther Cliffe of DeKalb in patriotic garb. Year unknown. Thanks to the Ellwood House 
Museum for the photo.
Esther Cliffe of DeKalb in patriotic garb. Year unknown. Thanks to the Ellwood House Museum for the photo.


July 4, 1888

If each one of us would fully perform our own duty, how harmoniously the affairs of the world would move along!

Three masked men entered the home of John Warne at Blackberry on Saturday evening. The only occupant of the house at the time was bound hand and foot and tied to a bedpost while her unwelcome visitors ransacked the house. A few cigars and some fruit was the only reward for their daring.

How many of our readers are aware that Lee County is named for Lee, the noted chief of the rebel armies? At the time the county was named for him, he was a loyal son of the government. It was not until 20 years later he allied himself with the enemies of the Union.

Though we indulge ourselves in many prejudices against things Mexican, we must concede that they are ahead even of the great State of New Jersey in their speedy defense of life and property.

A boiling well at Seymour, Ind., throws up small pieces of rubies, diamond dust and other things of a similar nature.

Both buckwheat cakes and home runs depend largely upon the batter.


July 2, 1913

Dale Lizer and Earl Crowell made an unusual find Tuesday afternoon in a small stream west of Mount Morris. ...They pried about the muddy bottom of the stream with sticks and hit a hard substance. When it was lifted out the young searchers were overjoyed to find it was the perfect tusk of a mastodon. The tusk weighs over 50 pounds and measures 59 inches in length.

The True Republican calls attention to the unsanitary custom of the firm which delivers ice to Sycamore homes of rinsing the ice with water from the public horse trough on Maple Street.

The month of June broke all records for heat. There were 10 days when the mercury went higher than 90, one day up to 101 and one day way up to 102.

The ladies at the Methodist church will fit up a room in the basement of the church to be used as a rest room on the Fourth of July, and all ladies and children visiting on that day will be welcome to rest there.

Thousands upon thousands of large birds which feed principally on fish and are of the wading class have made their roosts for many years in the Clark grove six miles east of Sycamore, and many miles from water.


July 6, 1938

States Attorney Latham Castle has filed suits against Fargo Theatre, Egyptian Theatre Co., Forest Andres, Inc., Robbins & Staufert, and Strigler Bros. for the collection of delinquent personal taxes. The taxes amount to a little more than $1,800 in aggregate.

Leland Strombom, an instructor in manual arts in the Sycamore High School, is making fine progress in the construction of his Cape Cod cottage on North Walnut Street in Sycamore. He is doing the carpenter work alone.

Automobile fatalities in 128 major cities during the first quarter of this year dropped 20 percent under the 1937 toll for the period.

Either amendments eradicating the obnoxious parts of Sycamore’s recreation ordinance, or an entirely rewritten ordinance will be adopted by the city council next Monday.


July 3, 1963

It will be 99 years ago Thursday, July 4, that the first Independence Day celebration was enjoyed in Sycamore Township. It is a bit sad now that a city of 7,000 people cannot arrange some kind of program to mark the birth of the nation.

The Eichof Nursery two miles east of Sycamore was burglarized. Several hundred dollars worth of tools, motor fuel and equipment were stolen.

The Illinois Tollway Commission is expected to decide July 16 whether to start building the proposed tollway from Aurora to the Mississippi River this fall, delay the start until 1964 or abandon the entire project.

A St. Charles man learned Tuesday in court it is an expensive activity to hit and run a DeKalb County sheriff’s squad car.

– Sycamore True Republican


July 6, 1988

The revolutionary ParaPlane allows anyone to learn to fly in a short amount of time. The ParaPlane is not an airplane, but a motorized parachute.

Bus service between DeKalb and Sycamore is now available for the general public via TransVAC buses.

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency is seeking the maximum penalty against a farm for the April 20 accident that killed 74,000 fish in the Kishwaukee River.

Weapons, drugs, cash and other property have been confiscated by police in a countywide investigation that resulted in the arrest of 26 persons on felony drug charges.

Complete elimination of admissions for spring 1989, a reduced enrollment for the fall of 1989, at least a 20 percent hike in tuition and abolition of some support services and programs: that’s the apparent legacy for Northern Illinois University an Illinois tax hike proposal was declared dead last week in Springfield.

– The MidWeek

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