Artists brainstorm new group

DeKALB – According to one artist who attended the first meeting of a new art group last month, “the sky is the limit” as to what the group can do or how it will proceed – if it proceeds at all.

“At this point, it’s hard to say,” Barb Taylor of Esmond said. “It’s very preliminary. There are a lot of ideas.”

No one is spearheading the group, and it doesn’t have an official name yet. It came about because a handful of local artists who all knew each other decided to get together and compare notes, Taylor said.

The group talked about things an artist group could do to raise community awareness and involvement in the arts, and ways its members could help and support one another, Nancy Baker of DeKalb said.

Anna Marie Coveny said the area has “a rich art scene, somewhat fractured and scattered,” and noted that the initial meeting was to brainstorm the new group, whose specific purpose has yet to be determined.

“This artist network may explore problems, share experiences, identify needs, suggest solutions to support artists in general and for our area in particular,” she said.

At last month’s meeting, Coveny said the most ambitious project discussed was the staging of a multi-community studio and gallery tour in 2014. Though only six artists were at the first meeting, Baker said more are expected at the second meeting.

Taylor said the new group is open to anyone in the area who is interested in the arts. She hopes to get a variety of artists in multiple media.

“I look forward to seeing what will unfold for the future,” Baker said, adding that the more input, the more possibilities the group has.

Artists Network Meeting
7 p.m. June 14
DeKalb Area Women's Center, 1021 State St., DeKalb
Open to any local residents with an interest in the visual arts.

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